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Where Are Our Zed Regal Fans?!?

“London’s Homegrown, Becoming America & Jamaica’s #1!!!”

Zed Is Tearing-Up The UK & London’s Entertainment Scene! He’s A Versatile, Lyrical, Savant!

About Zed Regal:
Zed is a storyteller with a variety of skills and tools to express them. Music and entertainment are some of his passions though making a difference and creating positive change is just one of his dreams. His journey so far leads him to believe that, anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it fused with action, faith, and patience. Our hunger will always drive us forward…..So today, Zed wants to try everything on the menu! He’s Ready!…. LET’S GO!!!… Check him out on Facebook, Instagram (IG), & TikTok!!!

“Suh Di Ting Guh!” by Zed Regal

“Keep It Moving,” by Zed Regal

“WOAH!” by Zed Regal


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