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Creative Poetry: “Join In The Dance,” by Lucille A LaRoche

The sea is poetry in motion
never the same verses
it can’t be replicated
its own rythm and flow
is forever changing like life
due to extrinsic forces
it can’t control

we are drawn to
the core of our
own rythmic
heart and soul
with each swell
and crest from
the currents of.
many shores we
traverse in life

we can’t alter
changes beyond
our control
nor the course
of the sea of in motion
however, the sea
always finds peace

be like the sea
immerse yourself
within her heart
and soul beat
to a new rythm

“make sense with the change”


Enjoy the new dance~

Join In The Dance

Lucille A LaRoche

03/11/2023 (C)

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