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International Creative & Our Magazine President – Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (Phillipines)

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. She is the author of 2 books “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and a co-author of more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 13 languages. Elizabeth is a Global Peace Ambassador and her advocacies include the protection of women’s and children’s rights, environmental awareness, cancer awareness, and protection of animal rights, among others.
She is also a Contributor, Editor, & our Magazine Ambassador for the Philippines.


A poem I composed for “Song of Sahel”, a global charity anthology for the benefit of the children in the Sahel region in Africa. “The Song Of Sahel was in aid of the people of Sahel who face a terrible crisis of starvation, war, displacement, and drought.”

“Blessed Be The Children Of Tomorrow”

I always thought you can see the truth through a child’s eyes
That innocent look, that adorable smile
Takes you to blooming fields and enchanting places all worth your while.
Children playing in the dancing rains
Water splashes chiming in with their cheerful giggles.

There is wisdom when a child speaks
If only you would listen with your heart
It is in their innocence where positive outlooks lie
Without a tinge of evil or hidden agendas
Talking to a child is like a breath of fresh air!

In this world we live in
We at times neglect these little blessings from above
Considered angels by the heavens
But why do some have to suffer here on earth
No use blaming each other for it is poverty that makes people ill.

In a child’s eye, one can see hope
A bright promising future they all deserve to have
Blessed be the children of tomorrow
Give them moments worth remembering
For lives they have just borrowed from God.

Reach out to those needing our affection
Be the guiding light to those asking for your protection
Blessed be the children of tomorrow
The future generation is the future of a brand-new world!

Elizabeth E. Castillo Copyright 2013

***poem pic courtesy of African Children page

Published Books

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Welcome Poster for our upcoming Luna Galleria-Philippines TransMISSION International Virtual Art Exhibition from March 7-31, 2022. More than 140 artists from across the globe will showcase their masterpieces in this much-awaited international virtual art exhibition. Thanks so much, Luna Galleria for such a wonderful opportunity to share my artwork with the world and more power!
Castillo, Participating Artist at Mujeres del Artes 4 Group Exhibit of ARTipolo Group

By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

In celebration of Women’s Month this March, ARTipolo Group spearheaded by Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr., Founder organized a group art exhibition “Mujeres Del Artes 4” launched last March 6, 2022, at LeBlanc Hotel and Resort situated along Taktak Road, Antipolo City.

Dra. Chrisellie Guzik, Chairwoman of the group exhibit gave the Introductory Remarks of the program citing the theme “Break the Bias” for this year’s Women’s Month celebration.

Present to grace the event was Antipolo City Vice Mayor Josefina “Pining” Gatlabayan as one of the Keynote Speakers. She commended ARTipolo Group for continuously promoting the Arts and mentoring young and aspiring artists. The Vice Mayor reiterated the need for us to instill in the minds of the public the important role of Arts in our culture and society. Gatlabayan also gave due recognition to gifted local women artists and their works.

Another Guest of Honor was Ms. Cyd Marquez, Director of Soroptimist International of Antipolo, the beneficiary of the event who gave another inspiring speech recognizing the artistic talent of local female artists and their special role in propagating the Arts.

Other Guest of Honor was Ms. Arlene Lipana, Strategic Advertising and Marketing Consultant, with Ms. Mikaela Ordas Hallare, Chief Operating Officer of LeBlanc Hotel and Resorit. Guest Artists include Ms. Susan Hassig, owner of Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant, Ms.Esang Besame, Batangas Artist, and Ms. Magel Cadapan, Sister Act, Inday, and Caring, Curator who also gave heartwarming speeches.

Present also during the exhibit opening were Ms. Bing de Jesus, Soroptimist International Past President, and Ms. Aya Dacanay,  from Soroptimist International of Antipolo.

During this time of the pandemic, people find creative ways to make themselves more productive while staying at home. One wonderful escape from daily stress brought about by these difficult times is painting or doing artwork. Some individuals were able to discover their hidden talent in arts and even made a business out of their hobbies.

One person who honed her skills and rekindled her love for Arts during this pandemic is Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, a Visual Artist, one of the Participating Artists who is also an Antipolo Writer and Poet. She now has her own art brand “Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo” and she just started selling her paintings last year. Her artworks have reached the far provinces of Bicol, Quezon, Pampanga, Samar, and Negros Occidental, Philippines. Castillo’s surreal paintings have been featured in different local and international art exhibitions such as Art Show Philippines, Luna Galleria Philippines’ TransMISSION International Virtual Art Exhibition, Luan Emotional Museum based in Mexico City, Mexico, and Delphian Gallery International Print Exhibition in London, UK.

Elizabeth also recently won a Rising Star Award from Talentila Foundation India’s International Virtual Art Contest 2022 in celebration of International Women’s Day for her surreal painting “Tres Mujeres” in mixed media depicting women empowerment.

Her abstract painting entry for “Mujeres Del Artes 4” entitled “Orion” (top painting in orange) is now on display at the Reception Area of LeBlanc Hotel and Resort along with other works of her fellow artists.

All in all, the exhibit opening was a successful and unforgettable celebration of Women’s Month and inspiring camaraderie with ARTipolo Group Artists having a get-together after a long while because of the pandemic.

Visit LeBlanc Hotel and Resort and get a peek of a stunning and surreal display of eclectic works of art in different media. Upon entering the Reception Area, your eyes will feast on beautiful artistic expressions you wouldn’t want to miss. The exhibit runs until April 9.

Castillo, Appointed As President of CIESART Headquarters-Philippines

Camara Internacional de Escritores y Artistas, Espana (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) is having its global expansion. Recently, Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo was appointed as the President of the Official CIESART Headquarters in the Philippines.
Castillo is a multi-awarded International Author/Poet/Visual Artist from the Philippines. A Doctor of Literature Nominee in 2019, she is the author of 2 books and a co-author to more than 100 international anthologies. Her works were already translated into 13 languages.
Dr. Marlon Gruezo and Dr. Sharon A. Villaverde were also appointed as Vice President and Executive Director, respectively.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
President of CIESART Philippines is one of the “Faces of CIESART” and graced the front cover of “Diplomacia Cultural El En Mundo” published in Madrid, Spain and Europe. The magazine is translated into 40 languages and copies are distributed to different embassies and international organizations. Camara Internacional de Escritores y Artistas International Chamber of Writers and Artists is a legally-constituted organization founded in 2017 and recently had its global expansion.

                                                                                        🌹 🎉🎈April 19, 2022 – WE LOVE YOU ELIZABETH!!!🎈🎉🌹


                                                                                 LeBlanc Hotel & Resort, Artipolo City – “Pintura” Group Art Exhibition

                                                                                                               CIESART OFFICAL BOARD MEMBER

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo’s – Emotional Poetry & Fundraiser To Assist Pakistan In Their Devasting Flood of 2022 Caused By Climate Change
                                                A Portion Of Book Sales Will Go To Pakistan To Assist During These Times.

               “Pakig-angay 2.0 In the Province of Rizal, a joint exhibit of Artipolo Group and Baghid opened last September 3 at The Blanco Art Gallery in Angono, Rizal in the Philippines.                                       Features “Space Debris” the artwork of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo. The joint group exhibit is an annual art exchange event of Artipolo and Baghid.”

Ladies Who Launch & Project Hulmahan in corporation with the Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya and the UP Artists Circle proudly present HOPE Lasts An art-driven mutual aid advocacy initiative in support of food security and sovereignty • livelihood • immediate disaster response. *Features Artwork By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Launching: New Online “Art Heals Art Magazine,” of Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo soon in the coming months which will eventually be in print in the near future! This will help to promote fellow local and foreign artists. Featured here is Global Pinoy Fashion Designer and Visual Artist, Willie Taladro Ferrari and his works. Stay Tuned!

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