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from Marc and Angel 😇 enjoy 🤟🏿

10 choices too many people wait too long to make.
Don’t wait for weekends.
Don’t wait for holidays.
Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead.
Just appreciate where you are.
You’ve come a long way, and you are still growing.
Be thankful for the lessons and present opportunities.
Take them and make the most of things.
My challenge to you, starting today, is this:
Live your life, not as a bystander…
Not as a prisoner to the false beliefs and stories that keep you stuck in your seat.
Live in this world, on this day, and every day hereafter as an active participant. Every morning, ask yourself what is real and important to you, and then find the courage, wisdom, and willpower to build your day around your answer.
It’s your choice.
YOUR choice!
You are choosing right now.
And if you’re choosing…
to complain…
to blame…
to be stuck in the past…
to act like a victim…
to feel insecure…
to feel anger…
to feel hate…
to be naive…
to ignore your intuition…
to ignore good advice…
to give up…
…then it’s time to choose differently!
But, let me also remind you that you are not alone. Generations of human beings in your family tree have chosen. Human beings around the world have chosen. We all have chosen at one time or another. And we stand behind you now whispering:
Choose to be present.
Choose to be positive.
Choose to forgive yourself.
Choose to forgive others.
Choose to see your value.
Choose to see the possibilities.
Choose to find meaning.
Choose to prove you’re not a victim.
Choose to let go of your false beliefs and stories…
Choose to find strength in the truth – YOUR TRUTH – so you can take real steps forward starting today.
And know that you are not alone on this journey…

*Courtesy of William S. Peters Sr.

3 thoughts on “🌹✒️HAPPY FRIDAY✒️🌹”

  1. Soooo beautiful and true!!!
    Anyone of us have the right to find the meanings and live her/his life. To find out what is real important and find the courage of wisdom to build her/his choise!!! Life is too short.. so take it and make it true!!

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