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Dub Poetry and Spoken Word’s Ras Atiba (Brooklyn, NY)

Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy


GENESIS: ‘STYLE & PATTERN’ Port more-St. Catherine, Jamaica (1980-1993)
While listening to a cultural program on the radio, I heard the riveting words of poet Oku Onuora coming through my speakers. The bass of his voice as he spoke the words “…there will be no peace until equal rights and justice” reverberating and awakening the artist within me. One of my first poetic pieces was entitled Pollution. It focused on multiple forms of pollution, including speech, garbage, scientific, nuclear, etc. My primary stage was the corners within the community. I was the youngest youth practicing the craft of Dub Poetry while most of my other peers were venturing into the new and more popular genre of Reggae music called Dancehall. It was lonely in my community back home, however, my notebook and pencil often carried me beyond my immediate surroundings.

Over the course of my younger years, I would continue to learn and study with the originators of this growing traditional form of expression. As Jamaica endured a period of socio-political uprisings, the role of the poet became all the more vital to the authentic reporting of the conditions we were living through. While dancehall conjured up images of the “pre-bling bling era of decadence”, Dub Poetry became the ‘Food’ that sustained the disenfranchised, who were often pushed outside the Circle. I knew that day, ‘my time’ would come and the Circle would expand. As I prepared to emigrate to the United States, I received the blessings of Oku Onuora, the Father of Dub Poetry to continue and expand the Art Form.

*Taken from the official page of Ras Atiba & Ah Time Ras Productions, LLC –

The Best Role Of His Life…

                                          Fatherhood – Ras Atiba aka Emile Ivy & Daughter, Business Partner, & Columbia University Graduate Shabieko Ivy



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The Sarabita Masters Achievement Awards 2020 –

Feelin’ Di Vibes & Sharing Di Love…

                                                                                                                          Honoring The Queens

                                                                                      Listen to Metaphysical Journey, a playlist by Ras Atiba on #SoundCloud




“PEOPLE,” by Ras Atiba – Directed by TEHUT-9 – IG @THUT-9 – @RAS_ATIBA




                                                      “Supernova Of The Night Sky”, a Poem Written By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Recited By Ras Atiba.


                                                                                                              4324 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203-3129
                                                                                                            Atiba’s Unisex Salon (License# BSO-18-00420)





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