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Anupama Trigunayat is an eminent and outstanding artist .
An abstract artist, animal lover, wife, mother ,educator, and an author – She has had the opportunity of living in various countries due to her husband ‘s various diplomatic assignments . It also gave her the chance to witness the various traditions and cultures around the world. She drew inspiration from these experiences that positively influenced both her personal life and her life and work as an artist. She has also written books on early childhood education. A trained singer and Kathak dancer, her skills and knowledge evade the purview of most people.

The universal life-force of energy flows within and between all things and beings.” Anupama’s pragmatic philosophy toward acrylic on canvas is also demonstrated by innovative techniques .
Bright colors and brooding depth proliferate through her paintings. The results encompass a broad spectrum of textures and effects

A self-taught abstract artist, Anupama has been painting and expressing her art for over three decades. The form, shape and array of colours in her paintings are a reflection into her abstract knowledge and surreal imagination. Her paintings are a getaway to her own inner self as she portrays everything that moves and inspires her. Living abroad has allowed her art to cross boundaries and stimulate the views and techniques of the art world abroad.

Her art is her prayer that depicts her inner spirit and personality through every stroke of her paintings. Her art expresses her belief of no boundaries and politics in the world of art – art is limitless yet united through its purest form across nations, connecting the common man and woman with their daily lives. Her version of a vacation starts with a new canvas, weaving a new story with every stroke of her brush.

Given the current scenario with the world inflicted by the pandemic, she endeavors to work closely with the art community with a more inclusive and “all artist and all media” approach. Technology and virtual media have assumed a tremendous influence amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world. She tries to utilize these technological advancements as a vital medium for showcasing her art to the world from the safety and comfort of her studio.

Her art has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in India as well as all around the world. Living abroad, she has always put in efforts to promote Indian Arts and Artists on the international platform. Currently, she is the president of the UNESCO Club of Art and Culture and Letters of Achaia and Zervas International Federation of Art, Delhi NCR
Anupama’s art is deeply therapeutic for her; she hopes this to be true for others. Art, with energy, heals through vibrations of color and interactions with the soul.. Viewers capture a glimpse inside her mind’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions manifested in colors, shapes, and textures.
“Art has no borders no divisions no taboos just freedom and unity in its truest and most purest form .” is her firm belief .

Accolades and Honor Bestowed Upon Her

Anupama sets the bar very high for aspiring women who dream of achieving their goals and desires in life. Her awards speak of the honor and respect she commands in the art society and the women empowerment initiative.


2022 Indian Icon Award by India Records as an eminent artist
India Diva Award by IDA for Artist and international curator
India Dynamic Awards 2022 by Dark Rose and Sutra Events for Art/Author/Curator
India Women’s Leadership Award 2022 by GlantorX for Artist category
Eminent Artist Award by Women Dedication magazine
International proud Womania Award 2022 for Artist/Author/ curator
Global Leadership Women’s Award in Artist category 2021
FOX CLUES INDIA Prime Top 100 Women ICON Award 2021
Women’s Conclave and Awards 2021 for BEST SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR for promoting ART
Rani Laxmi Bai Kala Award by Manikarnika Art Gallery
Bangia Kala Ratna award
Silver Award, Raja Ravi Varma Award by Lalit Kala Kendra Govt. Of Assam
First Rank in International Online Art Exhibition by Chotushkone
Picasso Award for Art, Gold Award
Shaurya Samman by Sutra
Shakumtalam Kala Shri Shikhar Samman Award by Bengal Art Foundation
Top painting gold award by Kala Mani
Recognition for charity and art by B. M Fine Art and Culture, Govt. Of West Bengal
And many more .

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Twitter: @anutrigunayat


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