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WHO IS MICHAEL ST. GEORGE???… If you don’t know, now is the time to find out, about this Dub Poetry Phenomenon… Michael St. George Internationally recognized in the world of dub poetry. We Had To Interview This Creative… So, get something nice to drink, a snack, and immerse yourself into the world of this Creative, Michael St. George Brother Michael, what type of Poet do you consider yourself to be? The poet is the person, the person is the poet. You are the type of poet/person your poetry is. When did you know that you wanted to be a Poet? … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS DYNAMIC MESSAGE DELIVERER…MICHAEL ST. GEORGE✒️🌹

🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Bhagirath Choudhary (World Union of Humanists)✍🏾🌹

Happy to share my answers to my dear honourable friend and Interviewer Dr Zbigniew Roth of my point of view about the “HUMANISM”Continued from the previous discussion – The desire of every artist is to gain wide recognition not only among fans, readers and recipients of his works !!! By browsing social profiles, it can be concluded that there is an artificial race for all kinds of certificates, awards, virtual prizes! What impact do such distinctions have on the actual recognition of the author’s rank in the virtual world of art, do they mobilize the author to raise the level … Continue reading 🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Bhagirath Choudhary (World Union of Humanists)✍🏾🌹


“As with anywhere in the world, Jamaica has been overridden with gruesome crimes. What is really going on in Jamaica? It’s a heavy heart, in which I think of the land of my parents birth. I almost wasn’t going to share this post, as it sat in my draft section, untouched. For, long-gone is the Jamaica I knew. Then it hit me!…” Jamaica is not an island only filled with “Di wicked an bad people dem.” Like anywhere else, there’s still good in this likkle place. It simply needs to be remembered, found, and redistributed. Jamaica maybe down? But don’t … Continue reading 🌹🇯🇲HAPPY 60th ANNIVERSARY JAMAICA🇯🇲🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Hillol Ray✒️🌹

Uncanny Voices of Grand CanyonByHillol Ray The Grand Canyon, where shadows of cloudsHover peacefully throughout the whole year-And the sleepy sun appears to be burning,For the global visitors to behold and cheer!Shades of hill-top trees change their colors,Under the tinctured veil of serene starry sky-Shaking their rattles, chanting, and clutchingWith the whirling romance of the passersby! Selfish winds continue to battle and stride,To split the monotony of lightnings’ pain-And the peaks of distant hills start to dance,Like scarlet demons in acrid smell of rain!The sun rolls slowly with a “mummied face”,Beneath the crevices and heaps of velvet sky-And the rainwater … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Hillol Ray✒️🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Sayeeda Sharmin✒️🌹

Pem-1. Nature Look around the natureToday they have protestedWithin the blink of an eyeEverything has been destroyed And has taken away the power of humanThe lakes have been dryThe land has been dissolvedIt’s time we ask for forgivenessOf the pain, we have causedto the natureThe nature, who had given usthe love and nurtureFor years after years.Look around the nature. Poem-2. Just Blind We can’t rememberOr wish not to rememberThe past of our livesWe became accustomedTo an another countryAnd mixing within the cultureWhere we have forgottenOf our own cultureWe have forgotten our familiesWe forgot the feeling of our fresh airWe forgot … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Sayeeda Sharmin✒️🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Bahriya Hassan✒️🌹

{P.L.O.T.S.}- CREATIVES MAGAZINE AMBASSADOR (NIGERIA) I’m A Pearl Why all hands are pointing at meAnd all eyes on meIs it because I’m a girl You push me to the wallAnd make my life whirlStop!don’t turn me into a spallFor I’m a pearlWith dreams to fulfilAnd feats to beat You ban me to glowAppraise me so slowIf I stand for my rights you said I’m a feministIf I contest and protest you called me agonist You say I’m idealisticBecause I believe in my visionYou want me to bury my missionJust because of your illusion Your daughter married happyYou think I’m charyAnd … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Bahriya Hassan✒️🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Jasenka Marija Leko✒️🌹

KissGive me a kissOn my faceOn my lipsFor a good morningIn the evening, to sleep tightAll I ask is your kissI don’t need anything elseYour kiss brings me back to lifeYou are my life!It gives me strength, happinessIt gives me…the best part of youI want you to knowAs long as you kiss me, I will never forget youSo give me one on my faceOne on my lipsFor a good morning In the evening, to sleep tightAnd…what about a hug? SailingI’m sailingLooking up to the skyI can’t see youLooking into my soul – you’re not therePeeking into my soul – can’t … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Jasenka Marija Leko✒️🌹

🌹✒️👗Fashion, Design & Poetry: Kurt Adams👖✒️🌹

🇹🇹T-N-T🇹🇹 “Often, Creatives have a myriad of talents, skills, & interests.” Poetry Echoes from the Way……………………….   Near the end of the road lie a place where it all began, Am I saying there is a beginning where it all ends?? No. It’s simply showing you that it transcends at the end, To a new beginning for the heart to make amend. I would be in ‘deep’ high spirit had it not been for me, The one who stands in my way is the one who should set me free. Why, why would I not learn in taking responsibility, The next … Continue reading 🌹✒️👗Fashion, Design & Poetry: Kurt Adams👖✒️🌹


Dale Mahfood’s New Short Story! “Mr. Brown and the Sacred Coconut Water” Here’s A Sneak Peek👀 Download And Finish The Story!… https://dl.bookfunnel.com/s01hrtoww6 “Young Men Dream Dreams,” A Short Story by Dale Mahfood Here’s A Brief Prelude… “We won’t spoil the ending! But trust us, it gets even more interesting as the story continues!” STAY TUNED FOR DALE MAHFOOD’S UPCOMING NOVEL: “When Trees Fall.” Continue reading 🌹📚✒AUTHORS & WRITERS – DALE MAHFOOD✒️📚🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Dr. Anita Caprice ✒️🌹

{P.L.O.T.S.}-MAGAZINE AMBASSADOR – USA Emptied (Replaced) I feel like I’m being emptied. Unsure what this is about.Empty of thought andEmpty of what I feelIs this my imaginationOr is this really real. My mind is not at peace…jitteryMy soul feels vexed Is this live or is it Memorex? The very foundation is crumblingThought it was formed of brickNow it has the texture of straw. It’s being lifted up from meThe illusion of security feltHold on to things, that’s the real dealAs with ice it’s beginning to melt and thaw → thaw Grasping at straws,The sheath takes the wheatWithout cutting into my … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Dr. Anita Caprice ✒️🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Prof. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民), Ph.D.✒️🌹

Prof. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民), Ph.D. – Poetry, Language Of The Soul {P.L.O.T.S.} – Creatives Magazine Ambassador (Taiwan Republic of China) September, the bell on the dead wood ~ that night on the change skin coast Tomorrow morning light, blooming sighs will be on my skinTo imitate elegance, the bells visit the sea breezeLight sails cut the waves, and a night of loneliness sings and dances in my earsIts hands are soft, and a thousand lines of carmine are painted on my lipsSeptember will shelter me like the surging sea! Staring, turn into a warmthAs close as a sea shell, reverie … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Prof. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民), Ph.D.✒️🌹

🌹✒️POETRYS – Melita Mely Ratković✒️🌹

1.Violin Music is inspirational poetry, melodious tones of a violin string. Touches to tears, when the soul hurts. A powerful ally, a comforter. Thoughts travel to the composer, how felt while creating the work. Tears are running down my face, I don’t want anyone while the music is playing. Sorrow accumulates, before a stormy storm, they tighten their breasts until pain. I sit, listen, full of “charge,” sobs make screams, thunder, tender strings play, restless heart. Medicinal notes bring pain. My temple takes on a different shape. It’s getting brighter, a ray of sunshine, a rainbow reflection, peace, my song, … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – Melita Mely Ratković✒️🌹

🌹✒️🖌POETRY & ARTS – Ilona Lakatos (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹

Ilona Lakatos – Poetry, Language Of The Soul {P.L.O.T.S.} – Creatives Magazine Ambassador (Hungary) Poetry There is an empty place In memory of József Radanovics You didn’t have bright clothes, your fancy palace you just blamed that street and you swallowed its dust. Sitting on the bare ground, you waited, you asked for some crumbs. I needed a drink to warm me up, you deserve tomorrow because it was a frosty, cold night your fireplace. There were times when only stupor gave “comfort” but only to make it worth another day. After all, you also longed for the good and … Continue reading 🌹✒️🖌POETRY & ARTS – Ilona Lakatos (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹


(1)Wake Up YouthMD HEDAETUL ISLAM Wake up youth, use that youth.Don’t lose youth, don’t leave youth.There is no fear, do that, win.Cry in the sorrow of the sorrowful, work for the helpless.The youth has succeeded, the youth can, that youth leaves after conquering the world. (2) I MISS YOU MD HEDAETUL IS³³LAM I still miss your look, I still miss your famous international smile. I still miss calling your dear favorite, I still miss you when you wake up with a foreplay. I miss the happy moments with you in sight, I still miss your little whims. I still miss … Continue reading 🌹✒️POETRYS – MD HEDAETUL ISLAM✒️🌹