✨🌹Do A Clean Sweep, Because Not Everyone Is In Your Corner🌹✨

How many of us have moments where we feel like, “Wait…Something is wrong with this picture?” You give & give, yet it seems like those in your life, just take & take? Well it maybe sad, yet the stark reality is, not everyone in your life or that you encounter means you the best. Only you (each & everyone of us) can put a stop to it. “Do a clean sweep!” Stop allowing people to use you & take you for granted. Trent Shelton explains it in a great way… “Refuse To Be Used” by, Trent Shelton https://youtu.be/Ry-uUEZBTkU By, Maxwanette … Continue reading ✨🌹Do A Clean Sweep, Because Not Everyone Is In Your Corner🌹✨

✨🌹Spirituality Isn’t One-Sided.🌹✨

Yesterday I let go of a “Friend.” She did something so blatantly erroneous, that it angered me. I literally felt like “beating dat azz!” I kid you not, I even shared a post about it on my personal page. That being said, anger is normal. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t get angry or feel emotions. I felt the anger, spoke to her before she could continue, told her I wasn’t with her method of thinking or viewing things, but she still decided to continue with the negativity. So I became enraged & let her have it. I also decided … Continue reading ✨🌹Spirituality Isn’t One-Sided.🌹✨

😳The Darkness/Negativity😳

😳“The Darkness/Negativity”😳 How do we deal with the “Darkness, Negativity & Pain? Personally? What works for me, may not work for another. I like to face the negativity, challenges, obstacles and or troubles in life, head-on. Do what works best for you. This isn’t a competition. It’s your life. Some may feel that my posts are only about positivity. Well, it has been & still is, lol! Sometimes we need a good dose of positivity in order to deal with the negativity😉, cause that crap can hurt like heck! That being said, the negativity is something that MUST be dealt … Continue reading 😳The Darkness/Negativity😳