“Be Positive, Be Happy, Be Love…BE!”, by Maxwanette A Poetess Normally, I share a variety of pictures & quotes for my daily greetings. But this one picture, feels fitting for every social media page, that I have… So to everyone in the Universe; those that I know, those that I may have wronged, those that may have wronged me, to those that have wronged others, to those that wrong themselves, to the strangers and those that I don’t know or may never know, to those that are loved, and yes, even those deemed unlovable, to those that have found love, … Continue reading 🌹✍🏾GRAND RISING & HAPPY WEDNESDAY ✍🏾🌹


❤💛💚Today’s Message, by Maxwanette A Poetess❤💛💚 In life, there is ALWAYS, something going on, good, bad, and or the ugly. We have always lived in & through times, that either will make you, break you, or all of the above. No one has a “perfect” life, no matter how wonderful they are. Because we exist in an imperfect world. It is imperative to our survival & betterment as human beings, to dismantle & destroy the distractive diversionary tactics, put in place to impede our elevation in life. People will do you wrong, do others wrong, and even wrong themselves. Those … Continue reading 🌹✍🏾GRAND RISING & HAPPY WEDNESDAY✍🏾🌹


Ignorance, in my book, is NEVER acceptable, yet it exists. In this day and age, we must continue to educate & elevate. It is not really a blissful thing in any aspect. Regardless if one agrees or not, or even sees it. Ignorance is a stagnant blockage. One becomes stuck, in a form of time-warp, living this way. It is okay not knowing something, for we cannot know everything. But to close of one’s mentality, views, refusing of change, and or reception of knowledge, is a disconnect from life. Where is the bliss in that?#Food4Thought 🌹✍🏾”We’re All In This Thing … Continue reading 🦉”Ignorance”🦉

🌹👓Maxwanette’s View👓🌹

There comes a time when you have to simply stop, let go, & keep it moving. Saving or helping others, at the cost of SELF? Is never a good idea.😟 It’s like trying to save someone from drowning, while they insist on pulling you under & standing on top of your head. It can be a futile battle, not to mention the scars & damage done, even if you make it through.😓 That’s part of the tragedy. You can lose your life and or self, trying to help others, that for whatever reasons, are remaining where they are. Know when … Continue reading 🌹👓Maxwanette’s View👓🌹


I was watching Brother Ras Atiba last night. He was live & spoke on something that touched a nerve… I love helping, and offering of support whenever possible. However, there was this one individual I couldn’t help. They needed a job done & I could not because of the price. As a new business owner, there are costs required for start-ups, sometimes hidden costs. So out the door and up and running, you are trying to recoup your investment, at the very least. Not being able to assist that individual, bothered me. Being in different countries also affected pricing & … Continue reading 👀🛤MAXWANETTE’s VIEW🛤👀


Does COVID-19 Have You Lonely?… As a natural introvert, COVID-19 hasn’t affected me, like it has others. Life today, is a loner’s paradise.However, I’ve noticed the affects it’s had on many, and it’s heartbreaking at times. People have become fearful, doubtful, scared of everything, completely confused, and even downright manic, as well as have lost people due to the pandemic and in other ways & causes. It’s overstandable, and honestly needs to be dealt with gently and with care, as I’ve seen people I know need psychiatric help through this. Since we can’t simply go to those that aren’t near … Continue reading 👀MAXWANETTE’S VIEWS🛣

👀Maxwanette’s View🛣

Are We Still Sitting Here, Letting Good People Pass Us By?… Stop the foolishness, get rid of pride, anger, resentment, jealousy, ego or whatever it is that’s got you acting stupid. If you meet or have a good person in your life or vicinity? What are you waiting for? Stop playing foolish games. Because if you don’t? You’ll lose out on a good thing. You’ll either end up or stay with someone, who isn’t the one, be lonely & miserable, or get to have a front seat, to the life of the “one that got away.” Why? Because you’re busy … Continue reading 👀Maxwanette’s View🛣