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🇯🇲”LIKKLE BUT WE TALLAWAH!”🇯🇲 “The Creativity in Jamaica is mind boggling & PHENOMENAL! You’re being severely deprived, if you aren’t exposed to it.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess This is the fire & fuel I grew up with, that no matter what, you keep on going. So, I had to start looking at where this came from. Where does this style, flare, talent, and courage as a people come from & what do you do with all that ENERGY? You reflect within Creativity. Let’s take a look, & come along with us, as we learn, share, expand, add, and grow with the … Continue reading 🌹✒️🇯🇲JAMAICA’S CREATIVITY, ARTS, ROOTS, & CULTURE 🇯🇲✒️🌹

🌹✒️CREATIVE: Erzsébet Liza Kőházi (Hungary)✒️🌹

Snowflake i was the snowflake in big huge flakes, i fell I covered everything and then you came with the red shovel and you threw me away. You waited so long for the snow to fall, the purity of the bright glittering, whiteness. Which lights up the quiet night. I’m sure someone would be happy, and he would be proud to touch it. Before the sun disappears forever. But until then, rest on the tree branches It shines, shines and rocks. He clings to you He scatters and scatters his flakes, caressing your face with kisses, and falling to the … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: Erzsébet Liza Kőházi (Hungary)✒️🌹

🌹✒️CREATIVE: Buday Anikó (Hungary)✒️🌹

TANGO Every weekend, Vera went to the dance hall at the end of the street, where they danced the Argentine “abrazo”, that is, the hug tango. The dance is danced in a closed posture, where the chests of the man and woman are tightly touching. In the open position, the man and woman are at arm’s length. De Vera liked the dance form called abrazo better. Vera heard the dance teacher’s voice in the original meaning of tango, “walk together with your partner to the music”. She loved to dance, she loved tango the most. Here he was able to … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: Buday Anikó (Hungary)✒️🌹

🌹✒️CREATIVE: Mészárosné Maya (Hungary)✒️🌹

Sonnet for silence It hasn’t hurt me a bit for a while, If someone else reaps the laurels, If instead of hustle and bustle, only silence awaits me, Bet congo, empty room quietly. The cruel, harsh world no longer hurts He tore the light and serenity from my heart, There is no longer a trace of pain or hurt, It’s just that the violin doesn’t play in my soul! However, they are still deep inside me Memories of my past, many beautiful days, When the heavens let me live. I feel it, I know it’s written somewhere: Who did what, … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: Mészárosné Maya (Hungary)✒️🌹

🌹✒️🖌CREATIVE: Rita Körmendi (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹

Summer goes to sleep Summer ties its tangled rays into a bun, slows down and sleeps more and more lets a cool breeze rock his bed, grayer clouds give up his coat. He yawns and smiles at the ground, well wrapped in colorful robes, hugs her before her winter sleep, he kisses her hard like a lover. She has now covered herself with a gray veil, quietly, the summer fades away, covers the face of a thousand-colored magic, she painted her lips red for the last time. Aludni tér a nyár Kócos sugarait kontyba köti a nyár, lelassul, s egyre … Continue reading 🌹✒️🖌CREATIVE: Rita Körmendi (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹

🌹✒️🖌Creative Kovács Vilmos (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹

Spring Butterflies with trembling wings, the soft buzzing of dragonflies awaits, the big round Sun. Thank you silver fish and broad-winged birds they make big circles. The sky opens its blue eyes And the sleeping bushes get dressed. Tavasz Remegő szárnyú lepkék, szitakötők halk búgása várja, a nagy kerek Napot. Köszönnek az ezüst halak s széles szárnyú madarak nagy köröket rónak. Kinyitja kék szemét az égbolt S felöltöznek az alvó bokrok. Night mountain The brown mountain sighs for steam, creates a cloud of fog around the moon. The stream flows quietly, the green dew is getting ready to sleep. The … Continue reading 🌹✒️🖌Creative Kovács Vilmos (Hungary)🖌✒️🌹

🌹✒️CREATIVE: Poet Melinda Biro (Romania)✒️🌹

My Strange Dream I also bathed in the blue lake of dreams. A heavenly hand painted a strange dream on my eyes. I stood before God trembling in my earthly body. In his sublime silence, the Lord approached me, he shook his head from side to side as he looked at me, and said – This man’s soul is worn out. I breathe a new soul into his tired, tormented body. Silence reigned in my cells, and then I was reborn. My pure soul flew up to the high sky. I could bathe again in the blue lake of dreams. … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: Poet Melinda Biro (Romania)✒️🌹

🌹✒️CREATIVE: MÁRIA H. VARGA (Hungary)✒️🌹

Birth of Poems My writing is nothing but Carving poems as a hobby. My feelings, my thoughts, I write them all for fun. In unearned words, I have a lot to say. I don’t break my head They come involuntarily. Thoughts run wild To write, even if I don’t want to. Internal compulsion encourages, Nothing else special. Not a talent, a gift, Writing as a hobby. I didn’t even know the letter It forms in me So many thoughts I couldn’t describe it. Little verses the size of a rabbit’s tail What I had to say was expressed. Versek születése … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: MÁRIA H. VARGA (Hungary)✒️🌹


Feelings When my hand touches yours, my heart is pounding. Although the years go by, the feelings do not subside. Fate made a deep furrow, I fight a mental battle with him. Until then, victory is mine as long as you hold my hand Your touch: gentle, delicate I will never forget this. I think this miracle will stay like this until dusk comes! Érzések Ha kezedhez ér a kezem, zakatolva ver a szívem. Bár az évek egyre múlnak, az érzések nem csitulnak. Szántott a sors mély barázdát, vívok vele lelki csatát. Addig enyém a győzelem, ameddig Te fogod kezem. … Continue reading 🌹✒️CREATIVE: KELEMEN BATA MÁRIA (Hungary)✒️🌹


NEVER SAY NEVER If you feel that there is no more, that it is over, The sun will never shine on you again And if you feel like you can’t reach the light anymore, This thought will be broken forever, Never say never, just move on A drop of peace will find you, Never say never, keep flying And he locks you in his arms forever. Someone gives up on their dreams And there are those who expect a miracle from heaven, Tell me, what is it that lives in you, the change? Someone will come for you and finally … Continue reading 🌹🎶CREATIVE: ANNA NAPSUGÁR (Hungary)🎶🌹

🌹✒️Creative: VARGA Z JULIANNA (Hungary)✒️🌹

MY LIFE Times are changing I changed too I was born in a village I became a pest too. It was cloudy, But there were also many beautiful ones Which was bad I forgot that. the flame of love It burns in my heart The anger moved out A long time ago. Silence instead Peace, tranquility Moved. I didn’t accompany the My destiny. I keep it away from me the devil. i love poetry The world of the fairy tale Neither is quantum physics Stay away from me. I search, I search, It’s hundreds of years old Food recipes Practices. … Continue reading 🌹✒️Creative: VARGA Z JULIANNA (Hungary)✒️🌹