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2023 Spirit of Maya Award – Barbara Higgins Bond

Barbara Higgins Bond, a nationally renowned artist, will receive 2023’s Annual Spirit of Maya Award – they recognize artists, educators, humanists, and children’s rights advocacy, that reflect the works of the legendary Creative & Poet, Maya Angelou.

“I had the awesome experience of meeting Mrs. Higgins Bond’s cousin, during a Lyft ride, lol! I kid you not. I mentioned the Creatives & our magazine, & this gentleman proceeded to tell me about his cousin, Barbara Higgins. Her name rang a bell, but I simply couldn’t place it. Google helped & imagine my delight to see this post. He spoke of her with such love, pride, & joy. I had to share, the wonderful accomplishments of this Sister-Queen. Congratulations Sister Barbara Higgins Bond!!! I tell you. I’m always meeting such wonderfully talented Creatives, everywhere I go! Love it!🥰”~Maxwanette A Poetess aka Maxine A. Moncrieffe

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