“Life’s experiences can knock you down, beat you up, develop haters, frenemies, pit your own against you, pit you against yourself, throw obstacles, speedbumps, matrixed traps, slap you blatantly with your mistakes, have people smile, laugh, compliment & in the same breath, try their best to defeat you. It can be a cesspool of chaotic madness, embroidered with insanity & negative vampiristic energies…Yes, it can be something else, lol! Your job? Tell it to go straight back to hell, pick yourself up – crawl if you have to, and remember WHO YOU ARE. You fight! You fight for what is right, change, growth, bettering of self & others, fill yourself & your existence with as much positivity as possible, helping yourself, life, & Humanity, become better, knowing that when you leave this realm of existence…You did the best you could. No matter what occurs? I don’t let it keep me down, nor do I give-up. Cause Baby? I AM UNDEFEATABLE!”~Maxwanette A Poetess

Listen to UNDEFEATABLE by Maxwanette A Poetess on #SoundCloud

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