🌹✒️POETRYS – S M Shahnoor (Bangladesh)✒️🌹

S M Shahnoor (Bangladesh)

S M Shahnoor

In this world daughter is the shadow of heaven,
If you give rights to a girl child, you will surely get heaven.
Today’s girl child is the winning woman of tomorrow’s world.
Time’s best friend, sister, loving mother, beloved wife.
If given the chance, the girl will be a light.
The fragrance will spread in charming form like the Malli Kalika.
The girl child should be given nutrition, right to education, legal aid, medical facilities and right to justice,
Protection from discrimination, violence against girls, where societies to be blinded to ‘stop forced child marriage’
We are all vocal, the world will be equal.
Every girl child will be rich in technology and the world will be better.
Advancement of girl child, new dimension for the country.
There will be daughters protected country will be enlightened.
The awakening of the girl child will bring development of the country.
Invest in the girl child, build a prosperous world,

Daughter is God’s best gift for parents.
Praying for you today who is a street child..
You are the best of the best in intellect and manners.
Let this be the firm promise of all parents today
I will fulfill all the wishes of the daughter, the birthright.
What a beautiful saying of the Prophet of Islam!
‘In whose house a daughter was born,
Then not hurt, nor displeased to her,
Then Allah will make him enter paradise. “

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