🌹✒️POETRY & ART – Suranjit Gain (Bangladesh)✒️🌹

Suranjit Gain

Born on 8 October in 1984.
Khulna district in Bangladesh.
Mother Lila Gain. Father Tapan Gain.

Educated from Bangladesh and India.
Congratulated by the universe in literature.


Diversity needs for life of every;
none expects monotony.
Writer and his writing;
fighter and his fighting.
Singer and his anthem;
player and his game.
Variety rouse their name.
From the sun and his colorful ray;
the earth obtains energy and gay.
The moon and his nice light;
confer us varigated night.
Forest, desert, mountain;
ocean, river, fountain.
Derversity ranged world over;
god-given it’s forever.

Suranjit Gain  


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