🌹✒️👗Fashion, Design & Poetry: Kurt Adams👖✒️🌹


“Often, Creatives have a myriad of talents, skills, & interests.”

Kurt Adams

Kurt Adams is the 8th child of ten children born to Christabelle Chinapoo and John Adams in a little village called Palo Seco.
I attended Palo Seco Government primary school. I then furthered my studies at
Fyzabad composite school (secondary), where I started the road of garment construction and style and design.
I then moved to a village called Quarry, also south Trinidad where I continued to pursue tailoring and garment construction at Siparia senior secondary school.
I would become 19 years old, at which time I moved to a City called Marebella, a bit closer to Central Trinidad, of which I would spend the next 17years of my life.
I would then pursue a dressmaking course at a school called VOS government primary school and continued subjects at pleasant Ville secondary school.
I have since moved back to the village of Palo Seco some 8 years ago, registered, and started my own business in the field of style and fashion design that surrounds both dressmaking and tailoring.
I am currently 45 years of age, single, owner and manager of JES KURT DEZYNS, loves designing and would love to be the next winner of project runway…🤗


Echoes from the Way……………………….  

Near the end of the road lie a place where it all began,

Am I saying there is a beginning where it all ends??

No. It’s simply showing you that it transcends at the end,

To a new beginning for the heart to make amend.

I would be in ‘deep’ high spirit had it not been for me,

The one who stands in my way is the one who should set me free.

Why, why would I not learn in taking responsibility,

The next step comes with much-needed melancholy.

I’ve found myself to one end confused, iffy, torn,

Is it over, am I moving, will this action make me mourn?

Which movement is faster up or down??

Which action is louder bawling or wearing a crown??

Only seek peace and thou will find,

In the burst of a heartbeat a moment divine.

I heard in his goodness I’ll move out the way,

The wondrous fulfillment in his Grace I’ll stay

I pray I pray, Father, help me step out the way.

By Kurt Adams

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