🌹✒️POETRYS – Donya Mirzaei✒️🌹

Donya Mirzaei, was born in Tehran on 11 March 1980. Besides her own poems; She also appeared in Iranian and Turkish literary magazines with the poems of many poets she translated.

She also translated the poetry books of Turkish poets and writers into Persian and the poetry books of Persian poets into Turkish.


Which part of story

should I take my finger off the words

That along it

Nothing is left from waiting?

I want

to get out of you a little

To believe that

I am not the beloved one

To take the burning

That you put on my finger

To take it from my heart


Fallen distance

Between me

and the memories

How divisive is this Alzheimer’s!


When you come

Loneliness gets scared

Kiss me!

Bellek Yaralisi – By Donya Mirzaei

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