🌹✒️Poetrys – Rupam Mukherjee✒️🌹


(Picture derived from bdspotlight.com)

I recently heard an incident, you know,
A tale that is true and one of sorrow,
Two little children of class nine and eleven,
Did something that no child should ever do,
Just for a mere reason of depression.
These children we once knew,
Did every little thing a normal child would do,
Both innocent, of course, from what I hear,
But both victims of something I fear!
Just like us they too used phones,
But it later turned them into broken gnomes,
Oh! Such good children were they,
But Alas! They became so obsessed with their phones,
That a feeling of fear, desolation and solitude came their way,
And made them take their lives away.
A sad little tale theirs truly is,
So beware when you encounter such things,
Sometimes life can seem empty, crooked and hopeless,
But that never defines what life really is
-Rupam Mukherjee


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