🌹🎙🇿🇲THE ROOTS CAFE (ZAMBIA), w/ Ndungu Mojah Chitebe🇿🇲🎙🌹

“This is the Roots Cafe. A place belongs to Zambias top Reggae Musician formerly called “Saint Michael” and now called “Maiko Zulu” and his wife, Sistar D. We meet at Roots Cafe for Poetry, and Rasta Market, where we encourage brothers and sisters to bring different items. Starting with jewelry, pendants, crafts, food, etc., for sale and upliftment. The place is also used for reasoning,  conscious Poetry, networking etc. I encourage people to check it out We need to network and be together especially in this dread time globally Blessings and Light.” -Ndungu Mojah Chitebe

Links To The Roots Cafe In Zambia –  http://www.daily-mail.co.zm/roots-cafe-to-come-alive/                                                        Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/241412386362853/

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