🌹✒POETRYS – Maid Corbic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)✒️🌹

Poet & {P.L.O.T.S.} – CREATIVES MAGAZINE AMBASSADOR (Bosnia & Herzegovina )

Maid Corbic

Child of Nedzada and Husein Corbic

Who loves the world and meeting new people

Who hates lies and big secrets in life

Who wants to go into the wild and seek Natures call

Who wishes he could’ve visited America and met American President Joe Biden

Who is scared of death.

Who is determined to be happy and share optimistic minds to the world

Who values mostly good people

Who is proud in the type of person he is  today and a helper of people.

Who graduates from Tuzla as a Web Designer with a high degree

Who lives in a small house in Bosnia

Maid Corbic

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina





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