Poet: Kathy Figueroa https://soundcloud.com/kathy_figueroa_poetry/the-robins-of-cardiff-poem?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Poet: Vasanth Kumar V P


You are my loving mother
And the mistress of simplicity
You are the treasure of love
You are dreaming
Beyond my imagination
I want your love
If I born at the next birth
I’ll be your son again
You are the achiever
Who carried and brought me up
You work both day and night
Without expecting any Rewards
I always pray that the God
Showers his grace for you
And keep you with good health and wealth
Pardon me o mother
If I have made a mistake
You are the only one
Who forgotten your boredom
And comforted me when I was anguish
And found happiness in my smile
You are my source of inspiration
And source of every victory
Words are not enough to describe
And this birth is not enough
To pay off your debt
I’ll born again, I’ll born again.

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