🌹🎉Happy Mother’s Day ERRRRBODY!!!!🎉🌹

Happy Mother’s Day ERRRRBODY!!!!
Thank you: Jenleeíon Magazine so much!
I’ll be joining: @jenleeioncircle “LIVE” Monday May 9, 2022 at 8pm EST via Facebook and YouTube.
Creative Director: @onlymissno
Journalist: @mario_bonds
Photography: @solart.photographystudio
Hair: @ayyoimbored_hairbylemar
Wardrobe Stylist: @u2cuckooforcocopops
Videography: @daimarbonds
Production Asst: @angiegirl79_mua
Production Asst: @ofclly_parker
VP of Marketing: @msdivadazz
MothersDay #Feature #Cover #JenleeionMagazine #Jenleeion #JeniferLewis #TheMotherOrBlackHollywood #InTheseStreets

*From Facebook Post

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