🌹✒Poetrys – Burnett Coburn✒🌹


who once disrobed
robbed of name
was named
nigger,necromancer, witch
hottentot venus
was made wench
concubine, cooler
object of desire
reluctantly sexual
producer of property
slaves, wealth, power.

who became
base of county seats
baronetcies, castles, universities,
racetracks to royalties
positions for…
well mannered brutes, who
produced in abundance
savages to suit their fantasies.

of unquenchable thirst
history’s theme of journeys
through journals of hate, through
middle passages of unwillingness
wound her way through spirals
note-booked to emerge
beautiful, virtuous, clean

who is grandma, mama
sister, aunt, niece, cousin
Quashie, Kwamina, Queen
birther of every nation
repository of our dreams
Is forever…
the solitary hope for us all.

Burnett Coburn
03. 22. 19.

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