🌹✒Poetrys – Lucky Stephen Onyah✒🌹



Give me no alcoholic drink
I don’t desire its influence
Have men not drown in it
Who once did sail the path

Give me no pain killers
For my pains and migraine
I desire to be drowned by it
Let me feel it pains in full

Provide me no succour/lullaby
For I grieve for the Ukrainians
Men and women who die daily
While we all seat in cozy couch

Give me political will and might
Then I will cease from my tears
Take a tall walk without a talk
Tame this villain causing havoc

By Lucky Stephen Onyah

All Copy Rights Strictly Reserved

Its Two Weeks Already dear all
Ukraine cities are now in rubbles
Lives and properties now in ruins
War crimes and violation play out
Where is the political will dear all
Where is NATO and international community

Image credit to right owner

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