🌹✒Poetrys – Lucille A LaRoche✒🌹

A windswept austère night in motion
As the mizzling rain begins to fall
Strands of hair captured within the wind
She walks and is unaware of others

Robotic is my pace
Staring into space
Trying to fathom of what
Really took place

Is this what happens
With an unexpected loss
Of someone you love

I expected a tomorrow
Like my yesterdays~
Now suddenly,
I can’t fathom time and place
Reality or fantasy~

Is this rain l feel
Are they tear drops
From heaven?
I need to feel presence
Of what was~

I walk and pace myself
With these uncertainties
I don’t want to believe
Of the realities~~

in drops on my face~

‘ self existence’

Lucille A LaRoche
All rights reserved
Image Pinterest
Credit to the rightful owner

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