🗣📚🇯🇲Learn The Art of Storytelling With Legendary Storyteller, Dr. Amina Blackwood Meeks🇯🇲📚🗣

As Per: Dale Janet Mahfood:
“I’m excited about taking Amina Blackwood Meeks course “Learn the Art of Storytelling.” It’s offered in association with the University of the West Indies, The Institute for Caribbean Studies, and The Storytelling Foundation of Jamaican (aka NTUKUMA). The course will focus on learning to tell stories about our cultures (with a focus on Jamaican culture). Amina Blackwood Meeks is an amazing storyteller, the likes of Miss Louise Bennett (although she would not admit to that honor). To watch a short video of Amina performing or to register for her course, go to http://linktr.ee/dalemahfood.


There is a cost to take the course (of which I am not getting a kickback. Lol!) I just think it’s going to be a great class for anyone wanting to learn to tell stories orally or to write better stories, especially ones about culture. As a matter of fact, Miss Amina read a couple chapters of my upcoming novel and gave me some amazing storytelling and Jamaican cultural feedback, making those chapters SO much better! Thank you Amina!” 🇯🇲

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