🌹✍🏾Poetrys’ – Ndungu✍🏾🌹

“Inspired by the words of Mother Maxwanette”

I am
I am who I am
I am
No religion
No description
Because I am
I am who I am

Not a leader
Not a reader
Not a Rasta
Not a master
Because I am
I am who I am

Not a Christian
Not a Buddhist
Not a follower of Muhammad
Or Jesus
Because I am
I am who I am

Beyond name
Beyond character
Beyond love
Beyond hatred
Beyond fears
Beyond bliss
Beyond imagination
Beyond time
Beyond space
Because I am
I hope you all heard me loud and clear


Picture Derived: https://www.redbubble.com/i/art-board-print/Black-African-Queen-by-sevella-joy/48438881.NVL2T

“I think she is the one” By: Ndungu

The day I set my eyes on her 
I felt a certain movement
I felt a certain vibration
I tell you it was such a beautiful feeling

She walked with so much pride like a Lioness 
Her shining eyes so bright and rightfully positioned by the goddess of creation
Her speech left me speechless
Her touch moved my soul and spirit involuntarily

And black royalty were all crafted all over her sun-kissed countenance
Her voice
So soft like wool
I tell you her beauty and character have a strong marriage and chemistry

She conversed with me on matters
Matters of UBUNTU
Matters of UMOJA
Matters of darkness
Dark melanin
Matters of community building
Matters of one Afrika
Matters of black struggle
Matters of black freedom
Matters of black economics
Matters of Afrikan culture
Afrikan ancestry and Afrikan mystery
I tell you I think she is the one
My Nubian Empress


Picture Derived-

Petronella By: Ndungu

She descends from the line of Kings and Priests

She is the right hand daughter of Lubinga, the chief-advisor to Mambo the King from Zimbabwe

Her form and beauty cannot be deciphered by mere mortals

Her character resembles that of a fearless Lioness


Daughter of a tigress in human form

Descendant of Mwenemutapa and an exact reflection of boldness and beauty combined


Her skin

So dark and black

Like the colour of Mother universe

Her eyes

Whiter and brighter than white linen in the shrine of Nyasha the head-priestess 


What a rare spectacular spectacle of matchless beauty and wonder she is



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