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Being a Creative is a beautiful thing. One of the many facets of creativity is ART. Come with us, as we share it’s talent, beauty, and awesomeness.


Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds   OD (10 February 1911 โ€“ 24 February 1989), better known by the adopted name “Kapo”, was a Jamaican artist and religious leader. Considered one of the greatest artists in Jamaica’s “Intuitives” artistic movement, Kapo’s religious beliefs were reflected in his work. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mallica_Reynolds

“I was born in 1911 the 10th day of February in Bynloss St. Catherine. My father’s name was David Reynolds, my mother’s name before marriage was Rebecca Morgan. My father married her when I was nine years old. I also went to school when I was nine. At the age of 12, I received the spirit of conversion. I was then reading in fifth standard. At the age of 16 I left school, I was not bad at reading, and I did not love drawing. Drawing days, I used to prefer to go and work in the garden. Before the death of all my sisters and brothers, we all used to play together, go to church and school. I could remember as far back as my creeping days, and 40 years ago when I started as a self-taught artist scraping on a stone with homemade tools, never having seen before piece of sculpture in any medium. Then I started working steadfastly without any instruction. Happily for me, guiding lights appeared in my life, a number of prominent men who took interest in my work and encouraged me โ€โ€”โ€”-Kapo
Derived From The National Library of Jamaica https://nlj.gov.jm/project/mallica-kapo-reynolds-1911-1989/
There She Go, Satan, oil on hardboard, 34โ€x48 1/2โ€
Snake Man, cedar, c 1968 19 1/2โ€
Royal Rooster, Mahogany, c 1968 64″
Three Sisters, mahogany, c 1963 (shiny) 28 1/2โ€
Sisters in Love, mahogany  c 1964 26โ€
The Angel (winged moon man) mahogany, c 1963 26 1/2โ€
“Father Abraham”

Please Note: All information & pictures, were submitted personally by Mallica “Kapo” Reynold’s daughter, Christine Reynolds. We thank her profusely, for sharing the phenomenal artwork by her father.

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