📚✍🏾Poetrys’ – Ndungu✍🏾📚

Male Silhouette By Storyblocks

A Rootical Afrikan By: Ndungu

I am Ndungu the son of Mwatayamvu
The keeper and master of wealth
I am Ndungu the king viper
I give life to words 
I give motion and emotions to what comes out of myself
I am Ndungu the servant in the house of oratory and expression
I am Ndungu the great grandson of Nzinga, the warrior queen of Angola
I am Ndungu the black man

I am Ndungu
Messenger sent here in this time and presence to defend the truth
I am Ndungu
Spirit incarnate
I am Ndungu
One rootical and militant Afrikan man
I am Ndungu
A rastaman hated
And injected with retrogressive programming just to put me down so that I can surrender to the system
But still I remain Ndungu
A Kongoman
A Nyabingiman 
A tough seed 
A warrior
A king
A rootical Afrikan Man

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