✍🏾📚🥘The Poet Can Cook!🥘📚✍🏾

Poet & Cook: Marjorie Walters aka Marj DApoet

Saute Shrimp & Veg Platter
Coconut Banana loaf
Fruit & Veggie Platter
Mini Fruit Kebabs Dish
Pumpkin & Irish Saute Veg & Baked Chicken
Pumpkin Juice w/Oats & Peanut Soy Milk
Creamy Coconut Pasta w/ Fresh Vegetables
Oven Baked BBQ Wings in Honey Sauce
Seasoned Rice – Consisting of Ackee, Saltfish and Other Seasoning
Lunch Special: Curry Coconut Shrimp, Creamed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, Fried Plantains & Vegetables
Grilled Bad Dawg Sausages
Shrimp & Fish-Head Soup w/ All the Ground Provisions
Oats, Flaxseed, Soy Milk, & Ripe Banana – Stamina Punch 👊🏾
Seasoned Red Snapper
Brown Stew Snapper
Oats Porridge w/Flaxseed, and Brown (Wheat)

Boiled Banana (green),
Callaloo, & Fried Plantains
Fried Fish, Garnished w/Onions, & Pepper Sauce (made with vinegar)
“Me on the grill, making jerk chicken seasoned and soaked in red stripe beer.”
-Marjorie Walters aka Marj DApoet

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