🌹✍🏾Poetry’s – William S. Peters, Sr.✍🏾🤷🏾‍♀️


I thought I knew
All the answers
To the questions
That assailed and assaulted
My peace of mind.
Little did I know
That there was a
Little piece
Of my mind
That rebelled
Against this peace.

It appeared and seemed
That this rogue entity
Picking at the seams
Of my semi
Self induced
False sense of tranquility
Just because it could

The woodshed is not empty,
There is still plenty of kindling
Lying on the floor
In the form of
Splinters and bark
Who evaded the fire

If worse come about
To worse,
We can burn the shed
Itself …
Of what use
Is an empty woodshed?
After all,
Were not all the mice
Imbued with a DNA
That gave cause
For them to love cheese?

I sometimes wonder
About all the handwriting
On the walls,
And who was it.
That inscribed such
Ominous potentialities
That give birth
To our trepidations, fears and caution
Back to the woodshed,
And its significance ….
If you don’t exercise
Due diligence
In maintaining
A supply of fuel

To keep the house warm,
Then you will be on edge
And never get to the issues
Of seeking answers
To life’s pertinent question …
Will we?

And here we go,
Another year being flushed
Down the crapper,
Only to eventually
Pollute the drinking water.

Oh, and ‘by the way’,
Yes, I am a practicing cynic

( c) 19 december 2021 : william s. peters, sr.


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