🌹📚✍🏾Poetry’s – MissTee IzQueen✍🏾📚🌹

We Have This Thang

We Have This Thang where we can speak and respond with care day and night
We learned to say “Give us a day or two” if we Not feeling alright
We asked our loved ones to keep up the tradition
To be included in telling one thing that was good about your day and week past the grace period of seclusion
We Have This Thang to where needs and concerns are talked and worked out
We Have This Thang about supporting and taking interest in our passions and hobbies to where extended love is present and honored without a doubt
We Have This Thang called treating one another like an individual with no generalization or comparison to others who tend to be two faced while looking for outside validation in the middle
We Have This Thang to where respecting ideas is a give to be given
Admiration supports the natural submission
We chose and took a chance without doubt to model righteous tradition
We both in a sense are knowledgeable enough to know the right ingredients to use while in the kitchen
We Have This Thang to where Word Is Bond
We Have This Thang that proves that neglectfulness in any area would just be partcof a repeated other sad love song
Got past the small talk to have a meeting of the minds
Mature enough to have self control and use our vocabulary for compliments that make the romance oh so fine
We Have This Thang called commitment instead of “running like a track star , we Not gonna run away when it gets hard”
To care for is to cherish and create different ways on different days to express your love
We Have This Thang that’s second to none
When you have these things you’ll realize that what was lacking is free and “All so simple” couldn’t it be?
Yes it can and will when unity and TMH is at the root of the tree

MissTee IzQueen
This Live SpokenWord piece is on my IG pg

Music credits go to https://youtu.be/eiJAdvEICDo

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