🌹✍🏾Poetry’s – Alemseged Sisay✍🏾🌹

Love me again

Love me,love me again and rejoice
Like our youth days romance
Write love letters as you done ere
Your words did mend my heart and me

Paint a red lipistick on your sweet lips
Kiss the ending of the letter
Then send via post as you did it before
Tell me how it made you sad my adore
When I been far somewhere

Yearn me again like you were in fain
Let I read the verses of your fountain pain
Did you remember how many times you sent all
When I were a student in my juvenile
Those all were registeted in my mind

Bring it back that old recall to renew
Collect all your morals that you threw
To put me back in to that adorable woo of yours
If time allows to give us the lost test of mour

©Alemseged Sisay
Poet & Author – Alemseged Sisay

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