🌹✍🏾Poetry’s – Cezanne Poetess (UK)✍🏾🌹


👀Who Is Cezanne Poetess???👀

My name is Cezanne Poetess, I’m a UK born Visual & Spoken Word Artist, and Author of the Black Love novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ which features 14 of  my poems (and 8 of my paintings).

I published my first poetry collection ‘Seeds of Love’ in 2012, which won me the title ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA) in 2014. 

I’ve recorded around 30 of my poems to music, which also feature in my audiobooks (you can download the first one in the series FREE at cezannepoetess.uk/audiobooks)

This is the latest video-poem I created which features two of my Instagram friends:


By Cezanne Poetess

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