✍🏾📚Poetic Entanglement: Utipime Ise & Imaobong Solomon📚✍🏾

Two wrongs can’t make it right;
As darkness flees from the light,
A poet and a poetess can’t stay same roof;
Cos a poet is an eagle while a poetess plays parrot.
So therefore, why should I marry a poetess.

Wait, I can’t marry a poetess:
Instead, I move on with a prophetess;
Who can sight my love in a trance;
But a poetess would shoot at me a sideways glance.

I can’t marry a poetess
She will starve me of food and meat,
Feeding my ears with poems and wit;
Words are gathered from our nuptial matters;
The vase of roses she’ll always scatter.

The unwashed dishes,
The sandy floor,
Baby’s cry poetess will always ignore,
Junior’s wee dad will always mob.
The hungry man, poetess will seldom feed
And the fainted soul will always weep.

No! No! No! I can’t marry a poetess.
The virgin pots will burn while her pen is dancing,
She will only stare at me when my phone is ringing,
The Night Owl hooted,
And it’s sounds she noted.

Tell me, Why should I marry a poetess?

Written by Utipime Ise @#I_can’t_marry_a_poetess_challenge_2020.
Date: 2020-09-18

TELL THAT POET BY: Imaobong Solomon


I come in simplicity; With full audacity,
Not to invade your community,
Neither to raid your territory.

You are the lion in the jungle,
Why abideth with cattle?
of what, ‘it’ in your jungle?Only a snear …

O, the grand poet, judge us aright.
The mother poetesses arise.
Restore sanity … Quicken.

Why taking a Poetess to a prophetess?
Are all not gods with major and minor deal?
What could tear the ride of the strong?
Bear and lion have strength in common.

A cattle is avoidably unwanted.
The virgin pot of the poetess
never burnt.
Bring an evidence if you had witness.

Her virgin pot is a craft of arts
she sees words all over it.
Her baby diapers her song
poetess makes a good maids.

Her lulaby sends her baby to bed,
Then she sings her husband to bed.
Melodiously she says,
The poet is the poetess

Tell the poet,
the poetess is fit for him.
For two singers produces melody.
The journey demands a bear not a cattle.

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