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I am so excited that Susan Frybort’s newest poetry collection, LOOK TO THE CLEARING: POEMS TO ENCOURAGE has been printed and will be out on November 30! I live with the poet 😊, and I can tell you firsthand that her creative process is hard-earned and heartfelt. She turned to poetry as a child, in the midst of a very difficult family environment, and it granted her refuge and restoration. Thereafter, it became a healing and clarifying balm, and now, a way to bring comfort and inspiration to others. Her insightful and nurturing poems usually begin with a line that demands her attention. And then, she carves out space to be with it, to follow the thread to the fuller poem. It’s a beautiful process to witness, one that can take a moment, or a month, before she knows it’s ready to be shared. And it is the sharing that brings her the greatest satisfaction.

In the words of author Andrew Harvey:
“Susan Frybort is that rarest of poets, a true visionary whose every line is forged out of inmost experience and whose language is sensuous, direct and embodied. Very few modern poets risk entering the territory she has embraced so bravely and with such dogged and precise passion. Read these poems and let them arouse in you the courage you most need in our devastating times—the courage to experience and embody your own divine reality and put it into action on every level of your renewed life.”—ANDREW HARVEY, author of Turn Me to Gold and The Hope;

And Allyson Woodrooffe… “Susan Frybort’s poems are so much more than just poems: they are invocations with the power of a centuries-old prayer; they are insights into how the culture you’re embedded in has skewed your perceptions; they are beautiful yet fierce reminders of our uniqueness; and they are, above all, portals through which the world can be brought more vividly into focus. Some you might want to memorize—that their wisdom might be close enough to hold you in difficult times. Others will inspire you to fall in love with the beauty of your being and all that we live amongst. Open these pages and tumble into the delight and wonder that they so clearly illuminate.”—ALLYSON WOODROOFFE, embodiment coach and co-director of TEPP;

LOOK TO THE CLEARING is a gentle call to come out from wherever you find yourself in life and step into an opening to be seen, affirmed and encouraged. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter where you’re are right now, these poems will reflect the beautiful truth of your humanness. Available November 30, it’s the perfect time to let this book warm your heart and gift it to those you love… https://www.amazon.com/Look-Clearing-Encourage-Susan-Frybort/dp/1988648076/

By Jeff Brown

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