🌹✍🏾”The Black Woman Writer’s Toolbox”✍🏾🌹


In our online writing course “The Black Woman Writer’s Toolbox” taught by Muli Amaye, begin the journey of discovering your power on the page.

Looking at different aspects of what makes up a story, we will explore how to create characters that live and breathe, produce a setting that tastes like grandma’s cooking, and mold words toward the sounds we want them to make on the page.

We’ll grow together in a supportive, non-judgmental space. From producing characters and writing setting, to thinking about point of view and voice, you will learn organically through practice. You will write, read, listen, and share, leaving with an understanding of how to better shape your stories into being.

Registration is open! https://bit.ly/black-woman-writer-toolbox

Open to beginning and intermediate Black women writers.

~ Muli Amaye is a novelist and short story writer and sometime poet. She is the coordinator of the MFA Creative Writing at The University of The West Indies, Trinidad. She gained a PhD at Lancaster University, UK in creative writing. In addition to university teaching, she has ten years of experience working in the community with various writing projects. Her interests center around women, memory, migration, diaspora, and belonging. She has numerous short stories published in anthologies and her debut novel, A House With No Angels, is published by Crocus Press, 2019.

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