🌹✍🏾Poetry’s: Alemseged Sisay✍🏾🌹

Message to my Soul

Rest in peace dear my soul from this world drama
I don’t want even the Karma
To force you to rebirth again
In reincarnation’s recycling pain

Through other physical bodies to be
Until you settle up on the previous of me
Once my body gone and been fired with pyre cremate
Or buried in the tomb to be a soil spoiled and eaten by Termite
What you need to be here to define
By visiting the ash of mine
Around the spoiled Corpse or on the ocean
Around your beloved live community and clan
Don’t send your spirit, I need you to ban

Go to your dearest God, Death is not there
Nor was there aught immortal forever

No Samsara no need of atman;
No moksha as the atman
To become absorbed with Brahman
Your mortal realm is ended
Go to your merciful Jesus as your need
He has a place prepared for your joy
And for your peace not to see any foe
Rest in peace
© Alemseged Sisay

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