🌹✍🏾”Lively Up The Heroine/Hero Within!”✍🏾🌹

GOOD MORNING MY FRIENDS! Come, Lively up the heroine/hero within!
Whatever the temperature & conditions in your neck of the woods, I am wishing you a Fabulous Friday & a Wonderful Weekend because we all have the power within to make it so.
Enjoy this read about Queen Nanny of the Maroons from my book: From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter (p. 2) & be uplifted by the possibilities life offers us even in dark times.
Queen Nanny, leader of the Windward Maroons, escaped from slavery and established a community along with her four brothers that today is firmly rooted in our ancestral heritage. Under the leadership of Nanny and her brothers, the Maroons fought a valiant guerilla warfare with such fortitude that the British was forced to sign peace treaties with them resulting in their sovereign ownership of land to this day. These warriors challenged the institution of slavery and helped to bring it to an end. Of all the stories my grandmother told, this stood out for me as the mighty accomplishments of an ordinary woman who dared. Since then, this story has remained central to my identity. While I cannot claim to be a Maroon, I identify with the fighting spirit of Nanny, whom Jamaicans readily liken to the biblical David, a small wiry woman who amassed the meagre resources of her community to thwart the goliath of Imperialism. By Marva McClean
Marva McClean’s Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/marva.mcclean

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