🌹📜Chinese Literature’s: Rachida Belkacem📜🌹

By James Tian:
Congratulations my dear friend and sister,the first issue of your great work had been published on the web of Chinese Literature, Itouch TV, Sohu news, Today’s headlines, Tencent News, and YidianZixun now. May our friendship be endless and strong forever. Best wishes to you.🌹❤️😊




【法国著名女诗人拉希达·贝尔卡塞姆(Rachida Belkacem)诗歌欣赏_手机搜狐网】https://m.sohu.com/a/499378408_100122570?spm=smwp.media.fd-s.16.1636980599326vOv8CwX

https://m.toutiao.com/is/R9VYsrv/ 法国著名女诗人拉希达·贝尔卡塞姆(Rachida Belkacem)诗歌欣赏 – 今日头条


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