🌹✍🏾Poetry’s: Lucille A LaRouche✍🏾🌹

The Sun may set
On a dismal day
Once more,
It always rises
At Twilight Time to
The Dawn of a new day

Looking up towards the Sun
As the Flowers in the meadow do
In awe of the Ascension of the Sun
Towards the Heavens above
Giving glory for this day
There is no greater gift~~

When the Twilight Time
Of Night slips in
They solemnly bow
Their heads in prayer

As the Sun slowly
Begins its descent
Into its nest in
The horizon and the
Moon begins her
Quiet pace into the sky
Illuminating the night

Till Twilight Time
At Dawn in early morn~~

~~~Nature’s Awakening~~~

A new dawn..a new day!

Lucille A LaRoche
all rights reserved
Image: Pinterest
Credit to the rightful owner

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