🌹✍🏾”THE RHYTHM of ENERGY” by Ewith Bahar (Book Reviews)✍🏾🌹

Published Book Coming Soon


My bilingual Indonesian-English poetry book, “The Rhythm of Energy” will be published soon. I feel relieved it’s eventually finalized.

In this opportunity, I’d like to extend my endless gratitude to seven honorable reviewers for my humble book. I really appreciate the support by writing encouraging reviews.
1. Dr. Goldy Brown or Zlatan Demirovic , author, poet, motivator (US)
2. Anna Maria Stępień, author, poet, economist, English philologist (Poland)
3. Dr. Janatha Ratheesh, poet, critic, translator, English Professor (India)
4. Ashraf Aboul-Yazid Ashraf-Dali, author, poet, prominent figure in culture (Egypt)
5. Sherzod Artikov, poet, story writer (Uzbekistan)
6. Dr. Wansoo Kim, author, poet (Korea)
7. Dr. Ahmed Elbeshlawy, author, poet (Egypt, Hong Kong)

Please receive my deepest thanks with respect.

Buku kumpulan puisiku dalam edisi dua bahasa (Indonesia-Inggris), “The Rhythm of Energy” akan segera diterbitkan oleh sebuah penerbit di AS. Mohon doa.🙏🙏

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