🌹✍🏾Poetry’s Alemseged Sisay✍🏾🌹

The Place of her sound’s reminiscent,my Cochlea

The rhythm of her heart seems similar
The wave of her voice seems as semicircular
Calling my name adorably in my inner ear, my dear
She told me just as she was silent via the air

The triumph of my victory for her love as a waterfall on a flume
Like the chirp and peep of flying birds in my eardrum
Passing through my inner hearing canal nuclei
Perceived while she sings a song in my brain cells of the minuscule

Emanated from her feelings, transported on her love spirit
My darling’s laughter and hilarity are still now resonate
My cochlea is the place of her sounds reminiscent

©Alemseged Sisay
Picture credited to Alexander Kumpan
Title : Cochilea

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