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This Post? It Really Made My Day…

I do not share my personal life often. But I saw this post, and remembered a Creative that inspired me, Zed Regal…

People get it confused often. Having a disability does not necessarily mean you are completely disabled, in all areas. It all depends on the individual & the disability. “You are not your disability, you have a disability”…Read that again.

My Mother taught me at a young age, “that even when the physical is warped, keep the mental sharp!” So even at my worst? I keep going. Many do not even know that I have disabilities. I was born with a bone disease known as Ricketts – unfortunately I did not outgrow it. Also, both of my parent’s have the Sickle Cell Trait. I was fortunate not to get the disease (Sickle Cell Anemia) – although my blood cells are shaped like a halfmoon instead of a circle), but trauma & stress often causes me to have episodes, that mimic the disease. My life, is filled with pain every day. I went undiagnosed & suffered for most of my life, with pain that even affected my mental state. I stopped smiling after a while. No one knew what I was going through, for shame of being “unable or different,” kept me silent. Being treated poorly already, letting anyone know what I was going through otherwise, was not a wise option.

Sometimes I even forget that I have disabilities, lol! Again, credit & blame goes to my Mother, lol! Because she taught me, not to let anything stop me. She taught me how to endure & how to fight. Having died 4 times during past surgeries (having had at least 15 surgeries prior over the years), in 2017 for 45 minutes, I died again. This was the longest I had ever been gone. My brain was saved by keeping me on oxygen; it took 45 minutes for the 2nd top surgeon to get out of bed that night, racing to NYC Langone Hospital (Thanks Guys!!!) to save me…And yes, I have had outer body experiences – maybe I will share that one day as well. I totally LOVE this post, and felt the need to share it.

Life is what it is. We come as we are, and we make-it however we are able, knowing anything can happen & usually does along the way. We get dealt a bad/good hand, we fall, we stumble, we make mistakes, but hopefully we learn, correct ourselves, we rise, we help another along the way, try to become better people or improve on who we already are and yes some even remain stuck in place, like a hamster on a wheel. But through it all, remember WHO YOU ARE WITHIN. Learn how to find that inner strength, tap into it, and keep moving forward & “UP!!!”

See, this is why I smile, laugh, and have fun with the child within me. Because if we can remember who we are, the strength we are designed with, the love that we were and are created with…You too will see that we are unstoppable & “UNDEFEATABLE!!!’ 😉

~Maxwanette A Poetess


🌹🌍”We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”🌍🌹

“Namastè & One Love”☀️❤💛💚☀️
“UNDEFEATABLE,” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

My poetry is often inspired by my own personal struggles and or experiences. As well as that of others. “UNDEFEATABLE,” was indeed inspired and written, based on life & death hurdles, obstacles, and losses. For at times, there is no one around to cheer you forward, to motivate you, to brush you off & set you right again. Sometimes you pray, yet the answer is not seen, heard, or felt. You Use what you are created with, you go within Self and you dig deep. Learning how to be your own cheering section and hype master is vital.
Maxwanette A Poetess

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