💜🥀Why Does This Keep Happening???💜🥀

“Why Are Women Being Murdered, Yet There’s No Major Outcry?”

Why are so many men, slaughtering women? What is really going on in the hearts & minds of these murderers? How did it get here? Why doesn’t this seem to be taken more seriously? Why is violence against women, occurring across the world, yet there’s more noise over harming animals & trees (not that I am against either one – as they too should be protected, but you get my point).

Women? We get harassed on a regular basis, sometimes daily. Yet, many poo-poo it away, as if it’s not important or worthy of being dealt with. We even get the blame for the infantile, ignorant, warped, damaged, violent behavior & actions of men. We are told we’re being too sensitive, or we took things the wrong way, we brought it on ourselves, we dressed too sexy, we smiled too much, maybe it’s something we said, maybe we came to the table damaged so now we red flag everything, maybe we’re just overreacting, or my personal fav, maybe we misunderstood& took it the wrong way. Trust when I say, the “Me Too” movement did not change a thing, nor does it speak for and or represent every woman. I speak for myself.

Now there’s a factual thought.

Men sexually harrassing, raping, abusing, taking advantage of, and murdering women, has been & still is being downplayed, hush-hushed, and dismantled, for what seems like forever. I personally know men that have thrown the “Me Too,” movement in my face, laughing & saying, women do things that provoke, or even lie, about abuse from men, share videos of other women bashing women that allegedly are playing victim; as if this is a justifiable response to the violence & mentality behind the mayhem.

YES! There are women who lie about abuse, there are women that are the abusers, there are some that entertain abusive lifestyles. But this does not take away the fact, that WOMEN ARE BEING ABUSED & MURDERED. Something is gravely wrong here. “WAKE-UP!!!”

As a woman, I encounter sexual harassment & verbal abuse EVERYWHERE, daily. Even here on Facebook. I am quite sure, the women reading this can agree to this as well. We are taught how to deal with this…WHY??? Why not teach the men, how to deal with their issues? Why not get these men some form of help? Why not make these actions severely punishable? Why not deal with this problem, that plagues us from birth? Why? Because this isn’t a “Me Too” thing. It’s way bigger than that. Because it would take an upheaval & major turn in the way the world thinks, behaves, sees and or values women. It starts with the fundamentals, “my dear Watson.”

Again I ask, why is this okay? Is it because we’re living in a mostly male-dominated society? It’s no big deal, until it happens in your neighborhood, backyard…your home? And even then…how is it being dealt with?

We have to do more about this. Sadly? There are so many more faces that can be added here.


This is beyond heartbreaking😢
~Maxwanette A Poetess
🥀Rest In Love, Young Ones🥀 
“Miya Mercano – was the only one that was not involved with her murderer, but she was killed in her own home. People knew she was being harassed, but it obviously was not seen as big deal. No one fired her murderer & he was still given access to ANYONE’S apartment…WHY???”

“Gabby Petito – could or should more have been done, when she was pulled over? Why was this not taken more seriously, even though witnesses called authorities to help her…Could her life have been saved?”

“Agnes Tirop – a phenomenal young lady & athlete, stabbed to death by her husband. A life shortened so early…WHY???”


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