🌹🙏🏾Natural Disasters USA🙏🏾🌹


6 thoughts on “🌹🙏🏾Natural Disasters USA🙏🏾🌹

  1. Yes, I’ve heard that many of these Texas deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, from people trying to stay warm! That’s just something I thought people knew… Do Not run a vehicle in an enclosed garage or space!! The fumes from the exhaust circulate back into the vehicle and poison you.

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  2. Is it such a good idea to have each recipient building’s entire electrical delivery relying on external power lines that are too susceptible to various crippling power-outage-causing events (e.g. storms and tectonic shifts)?

    I could really appreciate the liberating effect of having my own independently accessed solar-cell power supply (clear skies permitting, of course), especially considering my/our dangerous reliance on electricity. And it will not require huge land-flooding and potentially collapsing water dams, nor constructing towering wind turbine farms.

    Still, it seems that large electric companies can restrict independent use of solar panels.
    Interviewed by the online National Observer (posted February 12, 2019), renowned linguist and cognitive scientist (etcetera) Noam Chomsky emphasized humankind’s immense immediate need to revert to renewable energies, notably that offered by our sun.

    In Tucson, Arizona, for example, “the sun is shining … most of the year, [but] take a look and see how many solar panels you see. Our house in the suburbs is the only one that has them [in the vicinity]. People are complaining that they have a thousand-dollar electric bill per month over the summer for air conditioning but won’t put up a solar panel; and in fact the Tucson electric company makes it hard to do. For example, our solar panel has some of the panels missing because you’re not allowed to produce too much electricity …
    People have to come to understand that they’ve just got to [reform their habitual non-renewable energy consumption], and fast; and it doesn’t harm them, it improves their lives. For example, it even saves money,” he said.
    “But just the psychological barrier that says I … have to keep to the common beliefs [favouring fossil fuels] and that [doing otherwise] is somehow a radical thing that we have to be scared of, is a block that has to be overcome by constant educational organizational activity.”

    I’m awaiting the day when every residential structure will have its own solar cell array.

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      1. I tend to agree …

        But if solar-panel universality would come at the bottom-line expense of the traditional ‘energy’ production companies, one can expect obstacles, including the political and regulatory sort.

        If it notably conflicts with corporate big-profit interests, even very progressive motions are greatly resisted, often enough successfully (via ‘muddying the waters’). …

        For example, I recall a then-president Bill Clinton deciding against legalizing personal-use marijuana possession, after having campaigned in favor of it (or at least its decriminalization).

        Other than to pander to the $$$ interests of the bloated-profits pharmaceutical industry — which loves the long-maintained pot-consumption legal obstacles just fine — there was/is no good reason (morally, ethically or national interest) to keep pot consumption criminal.

        On the contrary, there’s all the reason to legalize it.

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