Having An Entire Month, Dedicated To “Black” History, Is AMAZING!


✊🏾But What About The Rest Of The Year??? Because, I’m “Black,” For LIFE!…✊🏾

If you have children, and you feed them a great meal, only one month a year…How will they live, the other 11 months??? Do they cease to exist, until next time? Will the meal you provided, have any lasting effects? Same difference.

As “Black” people, it is up to US, to write our history. Yes, we are to learn our roots, culture, foundation, and value the sacrifices of our Ancestors. However, we must not remain stuck, within the negative aspects, and remember the positive ones, using both as our fuel to keep moving forward & onward. We must learn from them, gain KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, unify – with one another & life, create & carve, better and forever lasting accomplishments and their residuals, for our remnants to follow, improve, and add upon.

We are still fighting for Human & Equal Rights, We are still being treated poorly & unfairly, We are still being slaughtered by each other & from others, We are still demanding, our 40 acres & a mule!

All this, will not be rectified in 1 month. I would welcome 1 celebratory day, accompanied with an overall change, reflective in the system of things, along with the heart & mentalities of others.

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