A Little Bit About Maxwanette A Poetess

So After My Gallbladder Flush, The Menu Has Changed…

I no longer eat red-meat (I stopped months ago – we just don’t agree). I do love Fish & Salmon has been my favorite for years. I consume small amounts of chicken, which I intend to stop eating (mon di curry & jerk chicken MAD!!! 😅) altogether. I am a SALAD GODESS, lol!!! And veggies are my friend. Herbs have ALWAYS been a part of my life & consumption, and for most West Indians. It’s simply time to be healthier.

I’m On Instagram – Check It Out: plantainsnpeas

I was born with a bone disease that weakens the musculoskeletal system over time. NO ONE EVER KNEW…Just me & my doctors of course. I have been in physical pain, all of my life. Trust me, it’s not fun nor easy. I actually wasn’t supposed to ever have children, as pregnancies damages the bones further. The doctors wish to operate on my spine, knees, & feet. All of which guarantee not much change & can render me paralyzed. I can walk, but RARELY as a child or adult do I run. I could literally break my back & pop my knees, lol! So, if you ever see me running? RUN FI YUH LIFE, lol!!!🤣😅😆 – no for real though. I can’t walk into a hospital, then can’t walk out afterwards. No thank you. I may still end up in a wheelchair one day, but I will take my chances & keep going as Natural as possible and move to where I have access to a pool. Pool therapy does wonders for the joints, damn COVID-19 has halted pool therapy & Sauna activities for now.

I still have more cleansing to do:
Liver, Kidneys, & Blood. Oh I’m serious🧐

I wash my face with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). I tell you it’s great!!!🤩I also make my own hair products

& oils for my skin. I come from a family that has a lot of skin issues as well. When my children were babies, they broke-out all the time, dry skin, eczema, allergic reactions to chemicals, general scarring – they get it from me, as my skin & body are HYPERSENSITIVE to chemicals. I couldn’t find anything that worked on my children’s skin, or my own. So, I started making oils & mixtures myself – that’s another line of business, I am looking into, along with my famous homemade BBQ Sauces😉


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