12 thoughts on “🌹✍🏾HAPPY SATURDAY✍🏾🌹

    1. Hi Myth!!! It’s always so nice to hear from you. You’re so very welcome. I appreciate your sentiments more than you know. It’s a beautiful blessing to brighten someone’s day, just as you do mine. Stay well my friend! (((HUGS)))
      “Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

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      1. You have a beautiful soul! I recognized this a year ago! And your poetic voice is amazing! I hope somewhere in your life you are sharing your wisdom with young people! I think that they need to know that there is so much positivity in the world just as much as there is negativity. Live Well from the experiences which have brought you to where you are today. Isn’t it awesome how we have doctors, and nurses, Etc. who take care of the ill, and the broken, and then there are poets who’s simple words can change someone’s life, or just remind them how amazing they are and that they have a right to live and be the person they were meant to be! Love and comfort to you and all your loved ones! Yes indeed … (((Hugs))) and Namaste! ☀️😀❤️🎀🙏

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      2. Awww Myth, you never fail to bring joy, positive vibes & reinforcement! I thank you humbly for your beautiful & kind words. 🥰

        I share my posts on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. So hopefully it reaches & connects with those who need it. Ironically, I have a closer connection with children than adults, lol, go figure. But then again the same can be said with animals, especially dogs😅

        I’m glad you mentioned the negativity. Many tend to forget that it exists or even try their darndest to avoid it. I’ve learned through my experiences, that dealing with things head-on works for me. I’ve also learned (later in life), that encouragement, self love, and sharing that positivity is the best healer there is😉. There’s a saying, “We can be our worst critics/enemies.” Yet we can also be our best encouraging cheering section, hyping ourselves up, promoting our own loving energies, uplifting self & others. It may seem corny/cliche but we can change the negativity. Heck! We can change the World! It starts with Self, but “Love Is Everything.”

        On a personal note? Something happened to me this week, that hit me deep within my core. It hurt so badly, I couldn’t cry. Honestly? I’m still numbed by it. I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. I awaited anger & ignorance to consume me, but that didn’t happen. Then I waited for forgiveness towards the individual, but I’m not there either. Instead, I’m in a great state of overstanding and clarity. I decided to search for positive things to uplift my Soul as I refocus on my next steps, which came to me quite clearly and without sadness.

        We ALL go through things like this in life. Just as we All need help through it at some time or another. It’s imperative that we know we’re not going through things alone, even if no one else is there beside us. Many fall and get trampled on in life. This damages people and causes lack of care & love. The individual that hurt me? I feel sorry for them. For the life they’re living? Is one of sheer misery and a result of loss of love of self and from others. This pushes me to continue on with sharing positivity, encouragement, compassion & love. I may not be able to help all, but like I always say, if I can help just one, even if that one is myself? Then I’m fulfilling my purpose.

        Thank you Myth for your words & love, they move mountains! Have a beautiful day & continued existence My Friend.

        “Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

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      3. First of all I would like to say I’m sorry that you have been hurt! I have learned that sometimes when people hurt one another it has nothing to do with us, (the individual who has been harmed emotionally.) Hurt is a part of our learning process? And that is why we must forgive others. Everything we, each of us do in life is such a domino effect isn’t it? So we must figure out what belongs to us personally, and what does not. I always hurt more for others than I do myself because I know myself well enough that what hurts me sometimes does not belong to me. My understanding belongs to those who are hurting more. Often I wonder about people who live their lives less than what their lives could be, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because someone somewhere along the way hurt them deeply. People get so easily broken and when there are no answers, or someone to care about their well-being including themself, people get trapped in their own pain. Pain needs relief…therefore lashing out comes into play! It feels unfair sometimes for those of us who have figured things out, but most of us eventually do and it makes life more comfortable to be in. Of course there is no time limit on learning from experience. Many people feel left behind, but they will make it through to live comfortably in their own skin!!☀️
        I also relate well with kids! Oh man their laughter fills me up! Believe it or not they call me the animal Whisperer up here simply because I have animals in my yard constantly! Bear,deer,raccoon, fox,squirrels dogs, cats, I love them all! They don’t lie to us, and they tell us so much with their eyes! Well as usual I’ve said enough!
        Be comfortable in your own skin admire your soul and yes you can change the world!! You already have with positivity! (The feel good resolution which everyone deserves!) 😀❤️

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      4. Thanks for the apologetic sentiments but I’ll be fine. Exactly my point. We all get hurt one way or another. The beauty is not allowing it to conquer you. As for forgiveness? The pain is fresh, so the forgiveness will come when it’s good & ready, lol! I’m not letting it keep me down👍🏾
        And yes, many get trapped within their own hell. We can assist, but it’s up to the individual to change. Some can & some simply remain stuck, it happens.

        #KidsAreCool – I agree. Their laughter is like life’s joy🥰 You being called the Animal Whisperer isn’t shocking 😅Shewwwt, I raised 15 Pitbulls, many cats, rabbit & a turtle to name a few, lol! They do say” the eyes are the windows to the Soul.” Animals are so Soulful🥰

        “I love the skin I’m in”, lol! It took some time for that to happen, but it did and I’m grateful. Many underestimate the beauty & power of loving self. And your words & thoughts are always welcomed here Myth – never too much. Thanks again for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend☺🥰☺

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      5. Bless your heart! Oh YOU are the animal Whisperer! 😀 when I took over the family property in the Bay Area years ago each one of our tenants had pitbulls.And they had the cutest names like petunia, and sweetie,and they were the most precious dogs ever! You’re priceless and very wise! Take good care! 😀☀️🙌🙏❤️

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      6. Lol, you’re too much Myth! But many don’t know how wonderful animals are. I don’t have any dogs at the moment. I don’t like leashes. So, I’m waiting until I I relocate to a larger place, with a HUGE backyard. Pitbulls became the only living thing that saved my life and dogs are very therapeutic. They don’t need me, lol! I need them. Pitbulls are my Spirit Animal.

        My Dear Myth, you give me too much credit. This wisdom you see? It’s called EXPERIENCE FROM MISTAKES/PAIN. I can’t claim it, lol! I can only say, I pay very close attention. You’re a gem Myth & it’s always a pleasure to converse with you. I was in need of a Soul booster shot & you delivered right on time. Now that? That’s priceless & you do pretty well in wise department yourself😉

        🙏🏾”Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚


      7. You are so right, dogs are very therapeutic! Pitbulls off and get a bum rap! They’re exceptionally loving if they’re not taught to be vicious. I live in the mountains so every one of my neighbors has a dog! Animals need just as much love as people do! I’m glad you found an outlet that helps you get through tough moments. We all have a Story Don’t We? And we need those stories to relate to people. To be there for each other to care, and understand. People have got to find a way to accept one another fairly I remember that none of us is perfect and that we have all made mistakes. Life has an amazing way of bringing people together, and often in the nick of time, right on cue! 😀 Thank you for your kind words in return! You’re going to be okay, the world’s going to be okay it just takes time. I’ve been through hell and back and believe me… People are going to start believing in each other again! We all need each other, the world’s a mess because we have stopped believing that? It’s time to lay off one another, and focus on ourselves to be better for the world, to be emotionally healthier for our families, to make room for love, to feel good again about life,about each other, about the world, especially about… while we’re here!
        If you ever need to talk feel free to email me. Best wishes on getting the larger yard for your future furry friends! I’m not online very often but I do pop in time from time to time. Looking forward to reading your positive messages as always!
        Spread your Wings { } somewhere, someone in the world needs you! ☀️🙌😀😇❤️

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      8. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for the ear, but I’m actually doing well. Better than I even expected. I actually “practice what I preach”, lol! It’s not always fun nor easy dealing with hurtful things. But I welcome the opportunity to do better, learn, strive further and marinate in positivity. It works.☺

        Love is a beautiful thing. It heals, nurtures, and carries us when we’re hurt and or weary. So thanks again for sharing you love & positive vibes Myth. This is what living a good life is all about🥰

        It’s always a great feeling to share positive vibes with others. I honestly never stop to think or consider if my pages or poetry helps others. Those things will feed the ego, lol! But it’s nice to know that people out there, including you Myth, feel happy & positive when connecting with me and or viewing my posts. That’s a beautiful blessing in itself. Stay Wonderful Myth!


      9. Your awesome! Come visit my blog sometime? Likes are not needed! 😀 I’m going to be sharing some of my Photography in the next year. Enjoy the holidays! 🎀

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