🌹✍🏾When A Post Touches You So Much, You Have To Share✍🏾🌹

I felt this post deeply & had to share – Because we all have a story…

I can fully relate to this post. My own relationship with my children suffered to this day. They always saw me as strong. So when I fell (nervous breakdown), they were lost. They’ve resented and hated me for it ever since. They never knew the internal hell from years of abuse & suffering that I was battling. I learned to love them from afar. It was and is difficult at times, but I also know that I can’t fix everything. I did the best I could, with who I was at the time.

I’m glad that today I’m a much better and healthier minded individual, who finally learned how to love herself and help others do the same. It’s from my own pains & sufferings that enable me to overstand the heart & minds of others. It’s one of the main purposes for my social media pages & blog. Reminding myself & others to love themselves through the madness. Give yourself a hug, because you deserve it.

“We’re All In This Thing Called Life,TOGETHER…Remember?

“Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚

~Maxwanette A Poetess

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