🌹A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends Bringing ancient beauty to the modern world. – By, Jay Jasper🌹


“Jay is an amazing artist. His artwork touches the Soul.” ~Maxwanette A Poetess

22 thoughts on “🌹A Potter’s Dream: Myths and Legends Bringing ancient beauty to the modern world. – By, Jay Jasper🌹

    1. Greetings Jay!
      You’re so welcome. However, my Friend, it is I who is humbly honored to not only support your endeavors but to be asked to be included in your work.

      Jay, your pottery is ELOQUENT, FASCINATING, BEAUTIFUL, & SOULFUL. Every time I look at the posts of your work, I feel phenomenal vibes from them. You inspire my energies. I look forward to your continued creativity & success.

      “Namaste & One Love”❤️💛💚

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      1. When someone writes the most divine and perfect poem about one of my pieces of pottery and I have the opportunity to include it in my book … well let’s just say that the decision makes its self.
        You are not only one of the most soulful poets that I know, but your writing and words are teachers of some of the most essential and meaningful lessons in life. I owe you an email, which I should be getting to a little later today. Things have been hectic, but I am in the flow 😉
        You are an inspiration to me and I know I will be seeing many beautiful words and ideas emerge from your work.
        Namaste and One Love!

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      2. (((BOWING GRACEFULLY)))…You leave me almost speechless, lol! Meeting you Jay, viewing your artwork, feeling your vibes…Is an experience that I treasure.

        I was just sharing with a fellow poet & blogger, that I was quite in awe that I had an effect…on anyone.

        I’m humbled by your words Jay, but I can’t take credit. I was carved by my own experiences & that of others. By the mistakes made & the beauty of learning.

        I had to learn how to re-love others & how to love self. It took time & came with much sacrifice. There was a moment in time, where I stopped smiling, crying, caring, feeling & loving…I walked around in such pain and no one cared and many never knew. It was like being a part of the Zombie Apocalypse enclosed in a bubble. I had to find my Soul…I had nothing else. However, during this time, I did see others everywhere I went, suffering as well in a variety of ways. So I decided to help. In doing so, it helped me as well, still does.

        My biggest lesson? LOVE – Don’t forget it, hold onto it, feel it, embrace it, share it, remind others of it & love it. Although my Soul is my own, many forget that Souls are connected. I like to refer to that as FUL – Friendly Universal Lives. So being Soulful isn’t just on me. It also comes from you & others. So I thank you dearly Jay (((HUGS))).

        “We’re All In This Thing Called Life, TOGETHER…Remember?”❤💛💚

        P.S. I look forward to that email🤗

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      3. Reading a comment from you is always such a beautiful gift! I learn from you all the time and I can relate to your story and experience. I am in awe of you, as the kindness of your soul radiates across the ‘interwebs’ and I am very much in gratitude our paths crossed.
        I think learning is the reason why we are all here and the only way to do that sometimes is through making mistakes. It’s part of the journey!
        I am still learning how to better love self, but I am making lots of progress. My journey has never gone in a straight line, but I suppose that is part of the adventure. The best part of the adventure is connecting with wonderful people like you full of love and wisdom. I love the concept of FUL!!! I do believe everything is interconnected and the more good vibes and love we put out there, the more those things resonate with those beyond us. I am going to send you another email about your story that you shared here!
        You are amazing soulful poetess 😉 HUGS and many blessings 😉

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  1. Hey there! I wanted to mention to you that the children’s book that I’m writing should be done by Spring and a dear friend and neighbor of mine is an editor and so I
    would still absolutely love to print your beautiful poem on a page in it’s own light☀️ in my book! Each page has a 20 line poem and I’ve used my own photography as well. It is a book for disabled children with photos of disabled animals that I have captured throughout the years. It is a positive book and I would be honored if you would be a part of my project! Your poem would be beautiful on the very first page with your name there as well!
    I will email you all the information, and maybe we can talk and discuss the procedure if you would still be interested in sharing your beautiful poem on a page in my book? Thank you for everything, You’re awesome! Keep up the positivity it’s only a good thing! ☀️🙌 I’ll keep you posted…

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      1. Ohhh, “UNDEFEATABLE”, – I will not be conquered. Yes, it was written at a time, when it seemed that everything around me was falling apart, including myself. I saw no way out of a very dark place.

        I reached out to The Most High & My Ancestors. The message I received was to dig deeper within Self. Remember who I AM. When I did so? It was accompanied by such a force & strength. It was then I knew that I would survive, never to be conquered.

        Life’s experiences can beat us down, drag us about, tear us to pieces, force one to make poor decisions or have poor options, and we forget and or lose our sense of who we are and our direction.

        I’m so humbled & appreciate that these words touched you & inspire children. Jeez Myth, you made me tear-up…Thank you(((HUGS)))

        “Namastè & One Love”❤💛💚

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      2. That first line is amazing! What a memorable poetry by you! Sometimes in life when we go through hard times, we forget that it’s okay to accept and love ourselves no matter what we’re going through. It’s amazing to be able to recognize and be oneself isn’t it? And yes we sure do go through things in life that can tear us apart,starting from the heart! I just happen to think you’re pretty darn amazing and what you give to the world from your experiences and the privacy In not telling it all…shines through your positivity! I think it’s fantastic that our legacies will join from our outcomes! Shine on always dear woman of worth! Love and light and all things right, once again! ☀️

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      3. Myth, you’re a beautiful individual with a joyous perception of me.

        At times in this life, one may wonder, did I make a difference? Have I touched a Soul? Did I help even just 1 person other than self? Will anyone ever remember that I was here? Have I changed & become a better person?

        I thank you Myth for answering these questions in this lifetime. It’s Souls such as yours, Jay, and everyone here that shows support and encouragement.

        Thank you again my Dear. ❤💛💚

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      4. I think that when we each become better people to ourselves we become better people for everyone else in our lives! Thank you very much for the compliment it’s not always easy living in a world that is hard on itself! When born with a sensitive heart it can really mess up your thoughts about caring for people. But I’m balanced, and know that I’ve been through enough that it’s okay to live through my heart and so I see people as people and not judgments and ridicules and all those things that come with being human even people I meet in the store wherever I go I love them for just being here and being alive, and going through everything just like me I don’t see color I don’t see ugly I don’t see disabilities I don’t see any of that I just see people! I love people, but not everyone knows how to embrace kindness when they’re not feeling that way, and I understand that. The first time I saw your words posted I knew right away that you were/are a wonderful person! You have a beautiful soul and you have touched lives with your words, they spread like wildfire and they are remembered
        ! Everyone needs positivity even if they just sock it away and use it for another day, it is remembered! Shine bright in this world we need all the light we can get!! Love and light to you always and I’ll keep you posted when I finally finish my book. Until then God bless and may the universe recognize all the energy that you contribute to fill it with! ❤️☀️🙌

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  2. Jay you’re a gem! I admire your raw honesty.

    I honestly feel that the main reason why I am able to connect with you & others is due to the mistakes I’ve made as well. With this, comes wisdom or stupidity.

    We live in a world that at times can be so judgmental. Many have forgotten their own errors & their personal journies through this existence. Both go hand in hand.

    Learning to love myself became one of the main purposes of my Soul. But this came forth, due to being taught how to hate myself. It’s during this process, I saw a path. I knew, that another part of my purpose was to remind myself & others, what LOVE is. Ironically? I didn’t know how to do this. I had become used to suckling my pain & being all alone with it in silence. I was used to being ignored and not seen. And doubted myself, for who was I to say anything when I had my own bundle of mess to deal with? How can the blind, lead the blind?…

    My Poetry, My Words, My Feelings — Were ALL MINE and all that I had. Then one day, a beautiful Soul named Nakato Lewis (I never met her in person, but in the land of Facebook). She said, “Max? You have a message that must be heard. You have a light that must be shared. The World needs your energy. Share your Poetry.” I thought she was not only wonderful, but NUTS, lol! But her words triggered something deep within & I decided to listen to her. She transcended some years ago and it hit me in a way that made me burst out of my cocoon.

    Nakato was sick, but she kept it private and lived the best life she dared to. It made me think deeply on how many others in this life, are sick, going through things all alone in silence, surrounded by people who may not know, may not care, or may not even see them.

    It made me see that HUMANITY is deeply connected & somehow along the way we lost that bond. So I do what I can to reconnect that “Web”, enabling communications to flow. I use my own experiences, pains, mistakes, lessons & joys in this life to caress the Human Soul. I can be gentle as a fresh fallen snowflake or sharp as a knife. But I deliver the message & I share the love.

    I’m not doing anything you or anyone cannot do. It does however take time & work. It takes facing ones true self, loving and forgiving that part of yourself. I sat down like many & cried for the broken child within, waded through the muck & more, reprimanded her, congratulated her, told her how much I loved her & restrengthed her. I held her hand and became, MY BEST FRIEND.

    It’s with this strength, knowledge, wisdom & experience that enabled me to connect with others in the way in which you describe. It’s through my own journey.

    I’m blessed to have met you Jay. You saw my light & came forth. I have nothing but great big HUGS for you my dear friend. I thank you. Because through you, I heal as well. Love just works that way, lol! 🥰🥰🥰

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